True confession: I hate that I love this.
Also, apologies for the photo quality.

This first photo cracks me up. I love that they chose a man to model this product when really its a puppified baby sling. I can’t make fun of it too much because I did buy one and I don’t regret it. Puppy loves it!

I live in a very small cottage with a couple of rooms downstairs and then a couple of rooms upstairs. I am up and down the stairs all of the time and puppy just can’t keep up. This sling allows me to roam freely with puppy in tow. It’s also perfect for work! He just hope in the sling and away we go! He even sits in it and looks at me when he wants to be picked up. I feel like a total idiot wearing this contraption until I see that beautiful little face looking up at me. That’s the very best part. I mean come on. That face!

 With my area expecting snow in the next day or two, I like that I can snuggle him up in the sling when we have to walk around outside in the cold. I did spend $22.99 on this, which is more than I wish I had spent on it, but it is made pretty well and it is what I was looking for so I’m happy and so is puppy.

End Note: As you are ordering items on Amazon, please consider ordering through rather than By doing so you can generate donations to your charity of choice just by buying things you were going to already!

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