I accidentally bought a mammoth play pen for my house so that puppy wouldn’t have to be confined to the crate if I had to leave him at home. It turns out that bigger is better!

a17qnzjrozl-_sl1500_This huge playpen was purchased on Amazon and it is AWESOME. I paid so little for it and was surprised to receive such a quality product that was so simple to assemble. It comes in a bunch of different colors, but I chose white. I wish I would have ordered it in green or grey. When I put it together and then glanced at my tiny puppy, I thought I had way overshot the puppy to playpen ratio. Really it ended up being perfect! I can easily fit his crate, food bowls and a couple of pee pads inside with additional room to play. This is a game changing purchase. When I made my purchase, the price was only $42.39. That’s the price of most small dog crates!

Now we’re getting fancy! (My dog is going to be spoiled rotten!)
Crates aren’t cute and in the winter, they can be a bit cold and this will kelp keep puppy warm. I also wanted to make puppy’s crate more appealing as we work on his separation anxiety at night. The reviews for this product are pretty glowing and the price is hard to beat! The crate cover was $24.99 and the bed was $21.99. These are really very nice and so affordable! They also come in grey and navy. Check it out!

End Note: As you are ordering items on Amazon, please consider ordering through smile.amazon.com rather than amazon.com. By doing so you can generate donations to your charity of choice just by buying things you were going to already!


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