If you are getting a new puppy. This is something you need for the very first night you bring puppy home. I didn’t have one at first and wish that I had known about this sooner. Snuggle Puppy has made a big difference in how much sleep puppy and I get at night.


Yes, it looks dumb but it works! Snuggle puppy is a little bigger than my puppy right now but he loves it. You place a heat pack (hot hands are cheaper) in it each night and the little heart beat simulator and puppy gravitates right to it. It makes puppy feel like it is snuggled up with its litter. They come in multiple colors and I purchased the black Suggle Puppy since my dog is mostly black. They are around $35.00-40.00, but well worth it for peaceful sleep!

My puppy wasn’t too keen on his crate before Snuggle Puppy entered the picture. Now he goes to the crate all by himself! This is one product where you have to check out the reviews. The photos tell it all!


One thought on “CUDDLE PUPPY

  1. megakafs arts April 22, 2017 / 6:39 PM

    Lovely puppy. You can make for your puppy a nice portrait from megakafs arts


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