Grandma was right. Cutco knives are the best.


I always remember my grandmother having Cutco knives hanging by a magnet high above the counter in her kitchen and I also remember the ridges that appeared in the carrots and other vegetables she so lovingly prepared using her impressive collection of knives. I say impressive because she had many, and I now know how much those babies cost!

My dad had given me a couple of old Cutco knives about 5 years ago and they were in terrible shape. I’m not sure why I held onto them exactly, as both had been badly sharpened by my dad and one was missing its tip entirely, but I’m so glad I did.

For Christmas this year, my grandmother gave me a pair of beautiful white Cutco shears and a knife. I have fallen in love with that knife. It was when I first used the new knife that I remembered that I had two other Cutco knives hiding in a drawer. The little booklet that came with the scissors and knife said that Cutco knives can be sent back any time for free sharpening. I sent them in the mail shortly after and when I told my grandmother what I was doing, she told me that they will probably send me a new knife to replace the one that was missing a tip.

I received my knives back in the mail today after about a week and they did replace my broken knife. I’m ecstatic! I wish that I had taken a before picture, but here is a photo of my repaired knives. The smaller one is style 1721 (the same as my new white knife) and the larger one is style 1729, both in the original color.


I have a beautiful set of Wusthof knives that I have so enjoyed, but these Cutco knives are the new A team in my kitchen.

Something I am definitely going to do from now on is keep my eye out for Cutco knives when I’m in second hand stores like Goodwill (if they sell knives) because now that I know that they can be sent in and sharpened, that would be an awesome way to pick up a few more knives that will stand the test of time.

Also, my longer knife has a manufacture date on it… It’s from 1989! It’s as old as I am! How great is that!


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