It’s another puppy post!

My sweet puppy loves to romp and play and I love letting him enjoy the outdoors. Because he is so low to the ground, he needs a bath a couple times a week.


I researched my dog’s breed before I got him and thought that after having a Maltese, that the hair of an Australian Shepherd would be no problem. I was totally prepared for the level of maintenance that I was in for, but I am still adjusting to how thick my puppy’s hair is, but one tool I already had up my sleeve has been a big help. I have one of these wash mitts for my maltese and he loves it. I use this on my new puppy and he loves it too and is becoming more comfortable with bath time.

After bath time is a different story…
I throw a big towel in the dryer before bath time so that I can wrap my dogs up its warmth when bath time is over. Towel drying them as much as possible keeps me from having to use the blow dryer too much. They both hate the hair dryer and I don’t blame them.

Once the hair drying torture has ceased, we attempt brushing.


I hadn’t needed a slicker brush for my Maltese and have found that it is very handy to have one for my Australian Shepherd. This brush is pretty darn cool. It cleans itself! Why is there not something like this for humans! This brush is pretty pricy, but I bought it on sale for $15.99 and have not been disappointed. Puppy doesn’t love it, but he doesn’t hate it either, which is a start!

The proof is in the pudding. Here’s a photo of my sweet boy.




I bought a set of new baking sheets on a whim the other week while I was walking through Target trying to decompress. After spending many hours of the day in hospitals caring for family members, Target became my happy place. I put many things in the cart and put many things back, but the baking sheets made it all the way to the check out line and I’m so glad they did!51194814.jpegMy baking pans at home were beginning to rust from years of use and needed to be replaced. I was drawn to these because of the Threshold brand. I have loved their items in Target and it is a brand I have come to trust.

I tried these out for the first time the other night and was very impressed. I cooked a pizza from scratch and it didn’t even stick! The textured bottom keeps food from bonding to the bottom like it does on traditional baking sheets.

If you need a little kitchen refresh, BUY THESE PANS! They are $17.99 for all three and 100% worth it!


I really can’t resist a good sale and my closet is beginning to feel pretty stale. Yes I just rhymed.

J.Crew Factory threw a 50% off promotion and I don’t typicially find much that I like from the Factory store, but I like the ease of these two items.


This Tunic Shirt is just so simple and will look great with my new ponte pants, leopard flats, and some gold toned jewelry. Originally $69.50, it was reduced to $34.50.


This Microstripe Teddie Sweater is beautifully simple and clean looking. It’s just perfect to pair with white jeans this spring. Also originally $69.50, it was also reduced to $34.50.

What’s more exciting than these new tops is that I was able to pay for them both with money from selling my old clothes on Poshmark. It’s like trading old clothes in for the newer models. Check it out if you haven’t tried it before!


The other weekend I went through something pretty devidstating.

The zipper flew off of my favorite pair of ponte pants. It hurt my feelings that they didn’t just fail to zip but that the zipper blew all to pieces! It was time for an upgrade.


Introducing my new favorite ponte pants! These Pixie Snap-Front Jodhpur Pants are the best! Instead of zipping up the back, these pants are high rise and zip up the front. Originally $98.00, I scored these in a size 4 for $56.24. They are still on sale so grab them while you can!


So life happened.

Grandmother broke her leg very badly and is not doing well.

My mother, my grandmother’s only child, had to have spine surgery the same week my grandmother fell.

I took a week from work to care for them both and am still with them on weekends.

I love them both so much and can’t imagine being anywhere other than by their sides at this time, but I’m exhausted and needless to say, I haven’t been shopping. I’m pressing pause on this project so I can focus on family.


I was using Lancome’s Grandiose and enjoyed it for a long time. Lately it has been irritating my contacts so I decided it was time for a change.


I have officially switched to Lancome’s Definicils and LOVE it! It’s much lighter, but stills gives excellent definition.


I have been using the new mascara for about a month now and am still so pleased. I continue to get great coverage and length without eye irritation. There are so many mascaras out there and different products work for different people, but if you are looking to try something new, give Diginicils a whirl.


This dog is my child and my fur baby deserves the best. I have bought more than I care to admit for this pooch, but I’m here to share the best of the best. I also don’t go shopping for myself much anymore. It’s all about the puppy!


My dog LOVES bones and has taken to hiding them (not so well) all over the place. In a 3 pack featuring different types of Nylabones, there was one bone that topped them all. Pinckney went wild for the Lamb and Apple edible bone. I now keep him well stocked in bones, which keeps him away from my shoes!

I also purchased a really cool new leash. This leash has accessories! This brand makes a little container that clips into it and can hold poopie bags or treats! It’s pretty darn cool. The price is pretty good too depending on the color you pick. I didn’t go with the least expensive because I was set on having teal.

This may not seem very exciting, but I’m excited about it! I needed bowls for P’s travel crate and found a great deal on this 2-pack. Only $10.99!

Also not super exciting, I bought this comb at the suggestion of a groomer. P is beginning to get his undercoat and apparently a comb gets at it better than a brush.

Sorry if I’m boring you with the puppy stuff, but look at this face! Irresistible!