It’s another puppy post!

My sweet puppy loves to romp and play and I love letting him enjoy the outdoors. Because he is so low to the ground, he needs a bath a couple times a week.


I researched my dog’s breed before I got him and thought that after having a Maltese, that the hair of an Australian Shepherd would be no problem. I was totally prepared for the level of maintenance that I was in for, but I am still adjusting to how thick my puppy’s hair is, but one tool I already had up my sleeve has been a big help. I have one of these wash mitts for my maltese and he loves it. I use this on my new puppy and he loves it too and is becoming more comfortable with bath time.

After bath time is a different story…
I throw a big towel in the dryer before bath time so that I can wrap my dogs up its warmth when bath time is over. Towel drying them as much as possible keeps me from having to use the blow dryer too much. They both hate the hair dryer and I don’t blame them.

Once the hair drying torture has ceased, we attempt brushing.


I hadn’t needed a slicker brush for my Maltese and have found that it is very handy to have one for my Australian Shepherd. This brush is pretty darn cool. It cleans itself! Why is there not something like this for humans! This brush is pretty pricy, but I bought it on sale for $15.99 and have not been disappointed. Puppy doesn’t love it, but he doesn’t hate it either, which is a start!

The proof is in the pudding. Here’s a photo of my sweet boy.



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