Fitbit has been putting out more products in competition with the iWatch. I have been having trouble charging my old Fitbit Flex and I figured that maybe it was giving out on me after these three long years. It turns out that it was the charger that was the problem.


I figured this out when I ordered a new charger on a whim. Tacking on this $4.99 add on item to my latest Amazon order was a no brainer. It couldn’t hurt to spend so little to test a theory. Buying this new charger saved me from purchasing a whole new Fitbit! It works like a charm and it came with 3 spare band fasteners. It’s like they read my mind! Those pesky pieces go missing all the time.

The new Fitbit flex is not so different from the old one so until this little trinket really does give up on me, I’m sticking with old faithful.



Until last week, I had never used Craigslist before and I had never purchased anything through Facebook. I’m not sure what possessed me to look through the items for sale in my area, but I’m so glad I did! This painting listed for only $50.00 on Facebook caught my eye.


I didn’t buy it immediately. I waited a couple of days. I hadn’t forgotten about it and I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been purchased yet. I decided to go for it.
I offered $40.00 just to get the conversation started and the seller accepted!

I met the seller in a bank parking lot and we made the trade. I couldn’t believe how large and beautiful it was in person!


The frame has a little bit of damage, but I didn’t notice until I looked very closely. I really couldn’t keep my eyes off of the painted scene. The next thing I saw was the price tag. The painting was on sale somewhere previously for $400.00. I can’t believe it! I scored this beautiful painting for only $40.00!

5FEF2E33-A179-427B-B847-D1A1FDC0F465   3861BF7B-B91E-4224-A937-A67BC43A02FC

This just goes to show that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!
This painting is going in my office and will make me so happy every time I see it.


Now this may gross you out, but my stove is pretty old. I rent an old cottage that was originally a barn and the appliances are the good ol’ white stuff.

I have done everything I can think of to restore the burner pans and, trust me, they have come along way but they still aren’t fully clean. I don’t like cooking on dirty surfaces. To me it’s like brushing your teeth over a filthy sink.

Amazon to the rescue!

I found these burner pans for only $10.61 and it took my stove from this…

To this…

Here’s a closeup of one of the old pans next to the new ones.

Gross, I know.
Is it weird that just this little change makes me so so happy?


I received an email a couple of weeks ago saying that J.Crew is leaving Northlake Mall in North Charlotte. That mall is beautiful and new, but has become quite dangerous to go to. Apparently many stores are pulling out and it’s such a shame.

As a goodbye present, J.Crew sent out a promo code to customers in the area. $25.00 off your purchase of $25.00 or more and free shipping!

I have been holding onto that promo while deciding what to use it on and I think I used it pretty well.

I needed a couple of plain crew neck shirts and these Vintage Cotton Long-Sleeve T Shirts, originally $34.50, were reduced to $29.50.

By using the promo code I practically got one of these shirts for free and then got free shipping on both. I consider that is a discount code well spent.

All in all I spent a total of $36.30. Not bad!


I lived in Ireland with my family when I was little and we used Persil laundry detergent. It smelled so good and smelling that scent now brings back so many memories. Persil is now available in the United States and I’m over the moon.


Since seeing this product for the first time in my local grocery store, I haven’t bought any other kind of detergent. It’s the best and it smells heavenly. It is a little pricy, but it’s so worth it!


The women in my family love jewelry and my grandmothers have been quite the collectors. My father’s mother has traveled the world and collected pieces everywhere she went. Each piece of jewelry she has, has a story that goes along with it. My mother’s mother has always a knack for befriending jewelers and they have certainly been friendships with benefits. (Note: Grandmother has not intentionally sought out jewelers as friends. She just happened to live in very small towns and everyone tends know each other very well) As a result of being the only granddaughters on both sides of the family, my sister and I have been the recipients of many beautiful and unique jewelry pieces.

Naturally, not every piece is exactly to our taste. By combining some of the older pieces with some new elements, beautiful stones can take on a new life. For example, I have an old pearl enhancer that I will never wear in a million years. It has a beautiful medium blue stone that I would love to wear more often. I’m not quite sure if it is an aquamarine or a sapphire, but it is stunning. I also have a pair of very pale aquamarine stud earrings from way back when I just had my ears pierced. The stones sizes compliment each other very well.

I first went online to find some inspiration and found plenty.

By just playing around in Apple Preview and cutting and pasting elements from photos I found online, I built a few designs to help visualize turning my pearl enhancer and old earrings into a ring. I made around 8 different arrangements, but these three are my favorites.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.16.04 AM
Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.56.15 AM
Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.18.24 AM

I was originally considering a horizontal arrangement, but after playing around with the stones on my hand, I like the vertical arrangement better.

FullSizeRender 6 FullSizeRender 2

What I need to decide now is which vertical version to have made. I was able to take a photo of my hand and overlay the design, but I’m still not sure which one to pick.


No matter what I choose, I just hope my design for this ring works out as well as the one I did for my mother’s wedding ring.


As you know, I have recently found great luck in purchasing pants that fit.

I got an email Sunday saying Ann Taylor was taking 60% off of their sale items and I decided to take a look and was pleased to find two more pairs of pants like the ones I bought in the store. Many of the other items offered in the sale were only available in very select sizes, but the pants seemed to have much more availability. SO LUCKY!

The extra 60% off of sale styles reduced these pants from $89.00 to only $28.00 each! That’s bananas! Of course I bought them both.

Both pairs are in the Devin fit. On the left is The Ankle Pant in Cotton Twill in Intense Emerald and the right is The Anke Pant in Denim.