My church has a wonderful paster named Sam. He takes time out of every day to bake chocolate pies for the people he visits who are unwell. It’s a running joke that everyone looks forward to surgical procedures and illness because you can be sure Sam will be on your doorstep with a pie in hand.

Not too long ago, Sam and his pies were featured in a Charlotte Observer article and his recipe was shared with the world.

I have a large family and someone is always sick or having surgery so we are steady recipients of Sam’s pies so I had never tried to make one until this week.

I have a friend who is battling cancer and they have moved to a new town and don’t have a group around them to provide regular meals. I wanted to take them something and knew that if whatever else I brought was a flop, one of Sam’s pies would be well received.

These pies are so easy to make and I’m so glad that I will be able to share them with my friend. If you are looking for something to take to someone you care about, try this simple recipe.


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