There has been an IKEA store in Charlotte now for about 10 years and somehow I completely forgot that it existed. Crazy right?

Well this weekend I finally visited the monumental store and it was actually only my 3rd visit ever and I feel like I made up for lost time.

I had been needing a few things for my kitchen and I was able to take care of all of them in one fail swoop.

IKEA 365+ Wine glass: I purchased these to use as my daily drinkwear. I haven’t had proper glasswear in years and have been using cheap cups because it was easier to throw them away in a move than pack up nice glassware. I fell in love with these instantly and was floored by the price. I purchased 8 of these glasses for a total of just less than $12.00!

SKANKA Frying pan: My mom calls this my skanky pan. I asked her to try and pronounce the name and she came back with skanky. I have beautiful skillets at home, but needed one with the non stick coating. This pan was only $10.39!

LEGITIM Chopping board, set of 2: I’m very excited about these. I recently added to my Cutco collection and had some knives repaired. Part of caring for knives is using a cutting board. At only $3.99, these are the lowest priced cutting boards I have seen anywhere. Such a great value.

SKUREN 20-pirce flatware set: This is something I will be ordering more of. I only picked up one set containing 4 of everything when I should have purchased two. I love the sizes and the feel of this flatware in my hands. I love this modern twist on a traditional shape.

IKEA 360+ Hjalte Soup ladel: Somehow I have been living without a ladel for years. I always make soup and use measuring cups to scoop  and serve. Now I’m a grownup with a proper ladel.

VARDAGEN Potato peeler: I subscribe to Blue Apron and routinely need to peel vegetables. I have been frustrated with my current peeler and at only $2.99, this peeler practically jumped into my bag.

I purchased all of these goodies for a grand total of $100.43! With such savings, I will never forget about IKEA again.


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