Until last week, I had never used Craigslist before and I had never purchased anything through Facebook. I’m not sure what possessed me to look through the items for sale in my area, but I’m so glad I did! This painting listed for only $50.00 on Facebook caught my eye.


I didn’t buy it immediately. I waited a couple of days. I hadn’t forgotten about it and I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been purchased yet. I decided to go for it.
I offered $40.00 just to get the conversation started and the seller accepted!

I met the seller in a bank parking lot and we made the trade. I couldn’t believe how large and beautiful it was in person!


The frame has a little bit of damage, but I didn’t notice until I looked very closely. I really couldn’t keep my eyes off of the painted scene. The next thing I saw was the price tag. The painting was on sale somewhere previously for $400.00. I can’t believe it! I scored this beautiful painting for only $40.00!

5FEF2E33-A179-427B-B847-D1A1FDC0F465   3861BF7B-B91E-4224-A937-A67BC43A02FC

This just goes to show that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!
This painting is going in my office and will make me so happy every time I see it.


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