I caved out of curiosity and purchased a black mask product to try.

Right off the bat I found a spelling error on the packaging. That set my expectations pretty low.

I went on and used the product as directed and was pleasantly surprised!


I am not particularly happy with the size of the pores on my nose. They catch everything and look dirty so I was excited to try this out on my nose. I figured that would be where I would see the best results and I was right. Some of what you see on the mask is hair, the rest is tiny bits of goop that was in my pores. Not bad!

I experienced zero skin irritation or discoloration, which was a huge relief. With cheap and trendy products like these, you never know what you are getting. It didn’t hurt at all either. Not in the least. After using the product on my nose, I used it on my chin. I’ll probably continue to use the product in small areas rather than applying it to my whole face at once.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this product. It was only $12.99 so there was little to lose in giving it a try. As a backup I also purchased Biore Charcoal Nose Strips. I have used these in the past, but can’t find them in stores way out where I live so I had to order more. They work well too if you would prefer a less messy product.



I don’t buy much where I work these days.
My vest collection is now quite impressive and the other equestrian apparel either doesn’t appeal or doesn’t apply to me. One thing I have found that I buy time and time again are the Ariat polos.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.34.02 AMScreen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.34.35 AM

To the left we have the Prix Sleeveless Polo and to the right is the Prix Polo.

What I love the most about these polos are the length! Most polos for women are so boxy and short, which is a huge problem for me as I have a longer torso. I also love how flexible the fabric is. I remember how stiff my old Lacoste polos were and these are just as soft as they can be. Lacoste polos also faded pretty badly and I have experienced zero issues with fading in my Ariat polos. These polos also don’t shrink up to nothing. Pretty perfect right? It gets better. They are very affordable ringing in between $35-$40 each. For the quality and performance of these shirts, I say that a great deal.

Over the weekend I bought the grey and light blue polos shown above and I’m thinking about buying the sleeveless one in white and maybe getting the short sleeve top in navy. These are great for work, golf, tennis, and casual wear.

If you do buy them online without trying them on, they run a bit tight. I am typically a 0-2/XS in tops and I get a size small.


I have always been a fan of TJ Maxx but over the past year or so I have not had much luck there. I visited a TJ Maxx yesterday afternoon on a whim and found a couple of things that I know I am going to enjoy.

First I found this Lauren Ralph Lauren Chartree Sleveless Top in Atmosphere Blue. It is very soft and feels wonderful on. This is going to be a go to work top during the dog days of summer. It almost feels like a Susana Monaco piece. I don’t have a link to this top because I cannot find it online in the United States, which it a little weird, but if you find this in a TJ Maxx or Marshalls, try it on and see how great it feels. I’m not sure what it went for retail, but I picked it up for only $19.99.


On my way to the checkout line I passed by a summer themed table and found this great hammock!
I have been looking at La Siesta hammocks on Amazon for a while now and was stunned to see on in TJ Maxx for only $29.99! They are usually around $60+ each! I’m hoping this hammock works for my space and if it doesn’t, I’ll just return it.

I bought a few other odds and ends like gift bags and tissue paper, but those were my two main purchases. You never know what you will find in places like those and I enjoy the hunt!


I have been continuously frustrated with the short lead of my standard issue Apple device chargers. I want to be able to plug in and move around!


Last week I ordered a few charging cords on Amazon. This pack of 3 was only $11.99 and the cards are all 10 feet long. They arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I am positively thrilled!

I gave one to a friend and still have one to carry in my work tote and one to keep at home. Now I can lounge comfortably in my bed or on my sofa with my device without having to contort to face the direction of a plug. I could actually jump rope with these cables!

If you are fed up with short charging cords for your apple devices, get these now while the promotion lasts!


When I lived in Ireland as a child, my mother had to explain to me that not everyone appreciated second hand items. She said the Irish were a proud people and even those who may not have much at all might not wish to receive second hand clothes, books, etc. That was so foreign to me. As one of three (American) children we passed everything up and down and when we outgrew things we shared them with family friends. I never turned up my nose at second hand clothes and feel that i am fortunate to be able to share clothes and shoes with my mother, sister, grandmothers, great aunts and distant cousins and the sharing goes in all directions. Just because we no longer enjoy something doesn’t mean that someone else may not find joy in it.

I even enjoy buying second hand on eBay and Poshmark.
You never know what treasures you will find!

This week I have been flat on my back recuperating from an ankle injury and I have had plenty of free time to play around online and it has gotten me into a bit of trouble. I have been pouring over listings on eBay and Poshmark and have gotten some closet refreshing items for a bargain.


It all began with these Stubbs & Wootton espadrille wedges. I found them on Poshmark and purchased them for a song! They look like they have never been worn and I will enjoy them for ages. Of course, I have to let my ankle heal first.

Next purchase was this beautiful blazer from J.Crew.


This Regent blazer is so flattering and I now own 3 of them! I purchased a gold one on Poshmark a while back and have worn it endlessly. I just purchased a brand new white linen blazer during a sale and now have this black one to balance them out.


My third purchase was these Franco Sarto slingbacks. I picked up a pair of these about 4-5 years ago at TJ Maxx and wore them until they completely fell apart. I had them repaired by a shoe shop once and then let them go when they fell apart the second time. I have missed these shoes terribly and was over the moon when I found a never been worn pair on eBay. They are simple and cheap and I LOVE THEM. I think these were a spoof on a pair of Kate Spade cork slingbacks that came out around the same time. Real deal or not, it’s a good look.

If you haven’t tried Poshmark before, check out my page. I buy as well as sell.


J.Crew offered 40% off about a week ago and I jumped on that gravy train.
They offer 30% off pretty regularly, but I always get really excited when I see an email come through offering 40%. I did some serious saving!


I have needed a fresh jacket for work for ages now and love the cut of the Regent Blazer. I had nearly purchased this jacket a few times before and am so glad that I held off. This Regent Blazer in White Linen was originally $168.00 and the promotion brought it down to $100.80. There was no way I was going to pass that up!


I liked the looks of this sweater and decided to try it out while it was on sale. This Merino Wool-Linen V-Neck Sweater in Marled Sand was originally $79.50 was reduced to $47.70. That’s not as impressive as the savings on the jacket, but not bad! I actually really like this sweater and am going to keep my eye out for it to go on sale again so I can maybe pick it up in this color as well.

If you haven’t signed up for the J.Crew email list. DO IT! You never know when a great promotion will pop up in your inbox.