My wish list for this month has not changed much from last month.

Custom Ring – I am saving up to have this done. It’s already at the jewelers being worked on and I can’t wait to pick it up. I’m really excited to see another one of my designs come to life. I was hoping to have the ring by the end of the month, but one of the jeweler’s machines had to be repaired and so I’m hoping to have it back sometime this month. I’m really really excited about it.

New computer – My massive old MacBook Pro from 2011 or 2012 barely even turns on anymore. I have long since removed anything and everything of importance from it and need to swap it out for a newer model. I have a jar set aside for this savings project and have sent my old laptop in to Apple for credit.


Apple Watch – I have finally decided on a color. When I get around to ordering one, I will get it in gold. I went to the Apple store and tried one on and am excited. A new computer is higher on the priority list so the Apple Watch is on the back burner for now.


New Bed Linnens – I’m really not enjoying my blue toile bedding and am thinking about getting a plain white douvet set and then picking a couple pillows that punch it up a bit. I can consign my Pottery Barn bedding if I ever decide the make the switch.

Sleeveless White Collared Blouse – This past summer I had to say goodbye to my favorite white blouse. It was a sleeveless dress shirt from Anne Taylor that I had worn almost every week in the warm weather months for four years. Luckily it’s enough of a basic that I can pretty well count on being able to find another one this summer.


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