All of these photos are terrible, but the items in these photographs are terrific!

I love pale purple and I love cashmere. I love pale purple cashmere.
This cashmere sweater was reduced to $10.00 on Poshmark and I jumped on it. I love the feature on Poshmark that lets you heart an item and then come back to it later. The app sends you notifications when items are reduced so you can keep an eye out for better deals.


I love Lululemon Athletica as much as the next person, but the number on those price tags is tough to swallow. Luckily, folks buy the wrong size all the time or only wear something a few times before they no longer want the item anymore. That’s what happened in this instance. I was able to purchase this Lululemon skort for only $30!


I found out a few months ago that the Devin fit pants from Ann Taylor fit me like a dream. I have been keeping my eye out for deals on these pants and just bought this super cute pair of navy eyelet cropped pants for $19.

I don’t just buy things from Poshmark, I sell also. Check out my Poshmark page!


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