I have been through some ups and downs with my britches lately. My favorite pair of Ponte Pants blew its zipper and now my two pairs of good jeans have broken belt loops.

I have regained some ground on the work pants side of things, but I have had trouble finding jeans that are long enough. On a whim I entered “32 inch inseam” into Poshmark and found some really great options.

I scored this pair of Vince jeans for only $43.00! They are so very soft and light weight, which makes them perfect for the warmer months.


I also found this pair of Paige jeans on eBay in perfect condition for less than $50.00! The fit is just right and they would have cost me close to $200.00 if I had bought them in a store.


I have been doing a lot of shopping lately, but I have spent very little thanks to eBay and Poshmark. It’s easy to buy and to sell! Check out the items I have available on both sites!
eBay | Poshmark


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