About a month ago, I fell and injured my ankle. I spent a lot of time in a boot and on crutches and am finally down to just an ankle brace. The only problem now is that the ankle brace doesn’t fit most of my shoes.

I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t imagine wearing a shoe other than the boot for a long time, but got a pair of Crocks to try. They were cheap, light weight, and they fit my swollen foot. Yes they are silly looking, but they didn’t hurt to wear and for that I am thankful.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 2.42.31 PM

When I graduated from Crocks, I moved into Birkenstocks. They are adjustable and can be loosened to accommodate a brace. Their firm sole keeps me steady on my feet and it’s nice to have a little arch support.

I purchased the Silver Gizeh sandals from Amazon for $94.95 and I purchased the Metallic Anthracite Arizona sandals on Poshmark for $60.00 and they still had the tags on them! The Arizona sandals are usually $135.00 so I really got a good deal. I feel a little hippy dippy when I wear them, but these Birkenstocks feel pretty darn great.

I’m finally healing and am able to wear a few other pairs of shoes, but it’s going to be another couple of months before I can be back in heels and wedges. The worst is behind me!


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