A New Day Indeed

Target has launched a new store brand called A New Day and I’m digging it.
I put more in my buggy on Saturday than I have on any previous Target run ever. I did make myself narrow my purchases down considerably to just one item.

These Velma Slip On Pointy Toe Mules are only $22.99!
I love it when I can participate in a trend, but not shell out the big bucks so these were an exciting find. They also come in black, but I knew I wouldn’t wear the black ones over the black shoes I already own and enjoy so I went with this dusty pink pair.

I went online when I got home and found the items I loved in the store and a few that my store didn’t carry that are worth checking out. Links below!

  1. Velma Slip On Pointy Toe Mules in Black
  2. Rebe Backless Loafer Mules
  3. Kona Slip On Loafer Mules in White
  4. Miriam Crossband Quilted Mules in Red
  5. Junebug Mules in Silver
  6. Wrap Crew Luxe Pullover in Grey
  7. Long Sleeve Shirtdress in Olive and Blue
  8. Who What Wear 3/4 Sleeve Mixed Lace Pull-Over Top in White

Art and Orchids

Over the weekend I stopped in at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, North Carolina. Dan Stowe, “Uncle Dan”, is a not so distant relative of mine so I have grown up going to this botanical garden with my family and later this year it will be the venue for my sister’s rehearsal dinner.

Presently on display at the Garden are beautiful Egyptian tapestries featuring images of Orchids. Tapestries fascinate me. How someone can weave something back and forth from one side to another to create a whole image is just plain amazing. These are worth checking out and are on display until March 11th.

Also at the garden this weekend was a pop up shop selling magnificent orchids. I bought a couple, but wish I had bought more.


I bought a teeny tiny orange orchid plant that I had never seen before and a very colorful dark purple and white orchid. They had plenty of the kinds of orchids you see in shops and at the grocery store, but I was kind of stunned by how many different kinds of orchids there were. All were incredibly beautiful. Now all I have to do is keep them alive!

Ballard Designs Comes to Charlotte

I feel like I have walked straight through a catalog.

Last weekend, my mom and I went to Southpark Mall to see the new Ballard Designs store. We have taken their catalog for years and were excited to be able to see their products in person. We were not disappointed.

ย Just look at that pink plaid sectional!
I really wish I had a sun room filled with white hydrangea to house that sectional.

I loved just about everything in the store and long for the day when I move and have a legitimate reason to redecorate in full. Maybe one day I will be able to take advantage of Ballard Design’s decorator services. A girl can wish right?

If you are in the Charlotte area, go take a peek and pick up a catalog in store. It’s worth the trip.

What is J.Crew Mercantile?

While my mother and I were exploring the Park Road Shopping Center over the weekend, we stopped in J.Crew Mercantile. We had never heard of such a thing so we were curious. It turns out that J.Crew is bringing their outlet stores and original styles for the outlets into regular retail spaces. They are taking the outlet out of the outlet mall.

We didn’t intend to buy anything and there wasn’t anything there that was particularly thrilling, but I did need a new black long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of navy earrings caught my eye so I did pick up a couple of things, but my purchase total was only $34.06 when it was all said and done.

Solid black artist tee originally $29.50 purchased for $14.75.


Navy beaded earrings originally $34.50 purchased for $17.00.


These earrings aren’t too big and they come in really great colors. I am seriously thinking about getting them in another color. They are that cute in person. I might also get these pajamas. Had I seen them in the store, I would have bought them on the spot.


Though I did have some success at this store, I’m really not sure how I feel about it. J.Crew proper is having a tough time staying afloat and nothing they have produced lately has been all that thrilling. The days of feeling like you are walking into a candy store are over. By diluting their brand further with this new outlet concept, are they not making things worse? How do they make any money? Are they entering Old Navy territory? I depend on J.Crew and have for over a decade. If this is the beginning of the end, I’m going to be so very sorry to see them go.

Happy Valentines Day!

For your viewing pleasure, here are photos from my Grandparents wedding.

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My grandparents were married on November 7, 1953 at Stowe Manor in Belmont, NC.
At the time, Stowe Manor was the home of my Grandmother’s grandmother. My Grandmother’s house was across the street so she practically grew up in that house.

My sister, also named Marian, will be married in the very same family home and a handful of those who were in attendance that day in 1953 will join us for my sister’s happy day in 2018.

Sidenote: My grandmother must have been wearing some pretty tall shoes because she is a petite woman and my grandfather was quite tall. He was so tall in fact that we kids named him Big Guy. Our Big Guy passed away when I was in college. He is loved and so very missed.

Happy Valentines Day to Myself: The Smythson Zip Currency Case

Hot dang I’m excited! This is a major score!


My sister has been using a Smythson Currency Case as a wallet for some time now and I had never really paid attention to it until she gave one to our mother for Christmas. It was then that I had the opportunity to look at it more closely. I thought that the zippers were ornamental and that it was a plain pouch with one compartment, but there are actually four compartments distinguished by different colored zippers.

Pretty cool, right?

They are pretty great until you see how much they cost….$350.00+
I was not about to fork over that kind of crazy money for something so small so I started looking about on Poshmark, Tradesy and The Real Real. I got a hit!

A seller on Poshmark had a brand new pink croc wallet listed for $175.00 or something along those lines. That would have been a deal on its own, but I haggled the price down to only $100.00! Because I had been selling my own things on Poshmark, I was able to buy this wallet on credit I had on my account. I love being able to trade old items for something new and exciting. I also love that I never know what treasure I will find!

This is my Happy Valentines/Singles Awareness Day present to myself.



Holy Crepe!

I love a good pun, but what I love more are the crepes from the Crispy Crepe.ย This is the latest stop on my list of places to try in Charlotte and it did not disappoint.



I ordered the Nutella, banana and strawberry crepe and my mom ordered a veggie and egg crepe. They were positively wonderful. The restaurant itself is nothing much to look at, but when the food is this beautiful and delicious, who cares! I really don’t need to write anything more. The pictures speak for themselves.

I will most definitely be going back to this place and certainly within the near future.