The Guggenheim

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I visited the Guggenheim for the first time a few weekends ago and if I’m honest, I wasn’t impressed. There were a few pieces that I completely gawked over, but only a few. Obviously I need a do over. Next time I’m planning a trip to the City, I’ll pay more attention to the exhibit schedule so I don’t hit another dud.

Anyway… enjoy the photos!


An Evening Celebration: William Ivey Long

I’ve had a coupe of pretty stressful weeks, so I did myself a favor and spent a week off from posting so now I’m playing catchup.

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Last weekend I spent Saturday night with a new friend and after a delicious dinner at Halcyon in Uptown, we attended the Blumenthal’s musical tribute for William Ivey Long.

William Ivey Long grew up just south of Charlotte and his work in costume design has earned him 15 Tony Award nominations. This event was a mainly concert put together by William Ivey Long’s friends who also told stories of their their friendship with the designer. High school performing artists backed up the headliners and ultimately paraded across the stage in costumes. It was a lovely tribute to a great man.

Afterwards we attended a reception and listened to a jazz ensemble while we enjoyed deserts and champagne. We chatted with strangers and enjoyed the photo booth before leaving for our next destination.

My friend took me to The Imperial for cocktails and it was amazing. They had live music and an incredible cocktail menu. I ordered the Paloma Stinger and it was fantastic. We snagged seats by the bar where we could watch the band and watch the bartenders make the drinks. It was quite a show! Most of the drinks people were ordering required the use of a torch and an ice ball with peppers or peels inside. It was really fun. We just about closed the place down.

I became hungry again after the bar so before summoning an Uber we stopped in Mellow Mushroom and grabbed a pizza before heading to my friend’s house. It was already a great evening, but the pizza topped it off.

Had I done a better job planning my weekend, I would have visited the Mint Museum’s William Ivey Long exhibit before going to the tribute. Luckily the exhibit is on display until June so I have plenty of time to go see it.

Charlotte has so much to do and see. I’m so glad I’m making the effort to go and enjoy what the Queen City has to offer.


Art and Orchids

Over the weekend I stopped in at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, North Carolina. Dan Stowe, “Uncle Dan”, is a not so distant relative of mine so I have grown up going to this botanical garden with my family and later this year it will be the venue for my sister’s rehearsal dinner.

Presently on display at the Garden are beautiful Egyptian tapestries featuring images of Orchids. Tapestries fascinate me. How someone can weave something back and forth from one side to another to create a whole image is just plain amazing. These are worth checking out and are on display until March 11th.

Also at the garden this weekend was a pop up shop selling magnificent orchids. I bought a couple, but wish I had bought more.


I bought a teeny tiny orange orchid plant that I had never seen before and a very colorful dark purple and white orchid. They had plenty of the kinds of orchids you see in shops and at the grocery store, but I was kind of stunned by how many different kinds of orchids there were. All were incredibly beautiful. Now all I have to do is keep them alive!


Beck is coming to Charlotte on April 29th of this year and I’m going.


Tickets open up to the general public tomorrow morning at 10am through so mark your calendar and set an alarm so you don’t miss it! As a Citi card holder, I was able to score tickets this morning through the Citi pre-sale promotion. I’m locked in and can’t wait to hear him in person. Oh, and I’m totally buying a T-shirt at this one.


Changing Things Up

As you may have noticed, I changed the name of this blog.

When I started this blog, it was the next chapter in a shopping blog I kept on Blogspot called Armoire of a Reverie. Dumb name…I know. I had a descent following on that site. Elizabeth McKay actually followed me. I was finishing up college and had loads of time and energy to put into mixing and matching things that I was wearing. It didn’t hurt that I had loads and loads of clothes back then.

Fast forward five years: I have moved 3 times and have taken on some pretty difficult jobs. With each move, I left things behind and changed what I was wearing to better fit what I was doing. It became exhausting to keep up the parade of outfits and accessories. It was exhausting to pack and unpack all of that mess every time I moved. I’m tired just thinking about packing all of that mess. (I’m still selling stuff, if you’re interested)
Game over.

When I moved to this blog, I intended to focus on my gift for seeking out sales. I am signed up for just about every newsletter out there and I can almost feel it in my bones when a good sale is about to hit. I published notices about sales and posted show and tell pieces after I had shopped the sales myself. This was tough to keep up.

My shopping habits changed in a pretty noticeable way in the past year. Instead of mopping up at every great sale, I would pick up a few staple pieces. Plain stuff. Boring stuff. Bread and butter stuff. Stuff that doesn’t get readers excited. Basically… I got boring.

Sorry I’m not sorry!

I find myself gravitating towards more plain items now. I love items that can be worn with anything and I LOVE being able to grab something simple and not think too much about it. It is a pretty interesting change from what I was into only a few years ago. Layering necklaces and an abundance of color are just not my deal anymore.

So about the name…
What’s the deal?
What is my deal?
What’s the deal with this blog?

I don’t know.
Won’t you stick around to find out?

Christmas in New York

I’m playing catch up here so bare with me. Christmas is worth writing about.

This Christmas was the last Christmas we would have as a family before my sister gets married and it was a good one.

Earlier in December, Dad was a rockstar and paid to fly me, my brother, brother’s girlfriend, mom and himself to New York for my sister’s Bronxville engagement party.


We arrived Friday afternoon in time to have lunch at The Meatball Shop. We then set out for a little bit of shopping that turned into just a whole bunch of looking. I think brother bought a scarf, but that was it for the group. We went to the hotel and got ready for dinner at The Links Club. It had been snowing that afternoon so it was blinking cold when we walked to dinner. I was a big chicken and Ubered the 4 blocks back to our hotel after.

Saturday, Jordan (Bro’s girlfriend) and I got our nails done while Brother and Mom got a jump on shopping. Crawford joined them and then we all met up at Bergdorfs to shop for Christmas ornaments. I always buy a really nice ornament at Bergdorfs when I go to the city around Christmas time. This year I ended up blowing $200.00 on ornaments. That was one of only two purchases I made the whole trip so it’s not that bad. We went back to the hotel room late in the afternoon to rest and get ready for the engagement party. Crawford shuttled us to the Siwanoy Country Club for the party and a good time was had by all. We returned to the hotel all smiles ready for our pajamas.

On Sunday, Brother and Jordan went to here his old choral director’s choir at the Cathedral of Saint John the Devine and mom went to church at the Brick with Crawford. I was too ancy to sit through Church so I hit the streets and had my own religious experience at the Frick. I was blown away and even cried. My second purchase of the trip was a book and a ball cap from the museum store. I tried to order the book on Amazon and have it shipped home, but it wasn’t available so I bought a giant book and hauled it home.

Though we got on each others nerves a few times, we enjoyed ourselves immensely and I’m so glad we had that time together as a family and with Crawford’s new family.

What’s Up January – Part 1

January has already been a pretty action packed month and nothing horrible has happened (knocking on wood as I write this) so 2018 is off to a pretty good start.

I took a weekend trip to Raleigh over the first weekend of the month to go see a pretty awesome exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of EBONY Fashion Fair

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After seeing the exhibit with my mom and Aunt Laura, we went shopping! Well, kinda…
My favorite places to shop in Raleigh are Charlotte’s in Cameron Village, Monkee’s in North Hills, and Dress and If It’s Paper at the Oakridge (or whatever it is called these days) shopping center on Wade. My mom bought a dress for my sister’s rehearsal dinner at Charlotte’s and I bought a super warm hat at Monkee’s. We definitely weren’t big spenders this weekend, but we had loads of fun just looking.

My all time favorite place to shop in Raleigh is Hunt & Gather.
I have been decorating my new office building over the past few months and I have been treasure hunting to finish it off. I needed a lamp and a large piece for over a mantle in one of the rooms and found both at Hunt & Gather. The print I bought was so large that my mom had to ride with her feet across the back bench so we could get it home.

I got that huge print for only $125.00. That’s less than what it would cost to frame it! I LOVE it and am thrilled it worked so well in the space. The fireplace pictured is about as tall as I am (5’7″), so that tells you how large this print is.

In addition to tooling around down, we had a blast at home with Aunt Laura and Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe dazzled in the kitchen. This is when you should be jealous.

That my friends is paella and fresh waffles.

The last time I visited Joe and Laura in Raleigh was a whole year ago when I stayed with them the night before New Years eve on my way to Richmond, VA to pick up my sweet Pinckney. I won’t be letting that much time pass between visits ever again. They are the simply the best.