My sister recently became engaged and I decided that I would really like for my skin to be sorted out by her wedding.

I have had trouble with my skin for over a decade now and have tried just about everything out there. I used Proactive for a while and my face just about melted of. That terrible experience made me hesitant to try any other comprehensive acne treatments.

A former college classmate posts on Facebook and Instagram regularly about the Rodan+Fields products and seeing the transformation photos online really caught my interest. I decided to give it a try.

It’s a little expensive, but I figured it would be worth it if I saw results. It’s also cheaper than going to a dermatologist for treatments.

I’m about 3 weeks in now and am truly impressed.

My face never became inflamed and I didn’t experience any peeling or dryness. My existing breakouts have disappeared and I have been breakout free for over a week. I even had 2 underground zits (I’m sure there’s a technical term for those) and they disappeared and the soreness went away about 3 days into the new regimen. I usually break out pretty badly when the weather turns warm ad I perspire more, but so far I am clear and my skin tone is even.

Now that I am not breaking out, my skin can begin to heal my most troublesome areas. I’m finally beginning to feel more comfortable in less makeup.

I took a before photo and will take an after photo to post in another week or so.

If you are tired of your skin issues, I highly recommend giving this a try. I was very skeptical at first because it looks like any other skin program, but I am now a big time believer in these products.


I caved out of curiosity and purchased a black mask product to try.

Right off the bat I found a spelling error on the packaging. That set my expectations pretty low.

I went on and used the product as directed and was pleasantly surprised!


I am not particularly happy with the size of the pores on my nose. They catch everything and look dirty so I was excited to try this out on my nose. I figured that would be where I would see the best results and I was right. Some of what you see on the mask is hair, the rest is tiny bits of goop that was in my pores. Not bad!

I experienced zero skin irritation or discoloration, which was a huge relief. With cheap and trendy products like these, you never know what you are getting. It didn’t hurt at all either. Not in the least. After using the product on my nose, I used it on my chin. I’ll probably continue to use the product in small areas rather than applying it to my whole face at once.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this product. It was only $12.99 so there was little to lose in giving it a try. As a backup I also purchased Biore Charcoal Nose Strips. I have used these in the past, but can’t find them in stores way out where I live so I had to order more. They work well too if you would prefer a less messy product.


I was using Lancome’s Grandiose and enjoyed it for a long time. Lately it has been irritating my contacts so I decided it was time for a change.


I have officially switched to Lancome’s Definicils and LOVE it! It’s much lighter, but stills gives excellent definition.


I have been using the new mascara for about a month now and am still so pleased. I continue to get great coverage and length without eye irritation. There are so many mascaras out there and different products work for different people, but if you are looking to try something new, give Diginicils a whirl.


I have heard a lot about the Drybar and have seen their storefronts in New York, but I hadn’t tried their products or services before I received this gift for Christmas from my sister.


This is such a great kit. I love this folding hair dryer. It’s perfect for travel. The clips and brush are great too. The best part of this kit is the mini dry shampoo and conditioner. I have tried dry shampoo in the past and have had mixed results, but I am here to tell you that Drybar’s dry shampoo is amazing. It works every time and is effortless. I have never tried dry conditioner before, but I like using it on the tips of my hair after straightening. It keeps my hair from looking too dry.

Drybar has so many nice kits that make excellent gifts. If you have a Drybar near you, I would encourage you to check it out. They really do have a quality product.


My teeth are super sensitive so I have had a hard time using mainstream whitening products. That was until I found these sensitive whitening strips from Crest.


They are wonderful! They pack the same punch as the Crest 3D whitening stips, but with very minimal sensitivity. I have only used 4 strips and am already noticing a difference. You can keep these on for up to an hour for faster results. The price tag is also very attractive. Right now on you can get 56 strips for $29.99! I highly recommend giving these a try.


I have had the same standard style curling iron for over 5 years now. It’s time to swap it out for a newer model.


Because I am addicted to Amazon Prime, I looked over many wand style curling irons and their reviews and decided to give this one a whirl. They all seem to be just about the same so I picked one with a digital display and automatic shut off. In addition to the curling iron, I got a little glove to protect my hand. The curling iron was on sale for $23.99. It was originally $59.99 so I got a great deal.


I haven’t mastered it yet, but it’s a great curling iron and I am really enjoying it.
PS this Snapchat filter makes my teeth look incredibly white.