I’m loving the tassel trend and Misa’s hot pink earrings are all the rage right now, but man those things are expensive!

I have found the same look for less!

I found this vendor on Etsy who is selling these tassel earrings for $9.99. With shipping it comes out to $13 and change. They are made in Thailand so it took about a month for them to arrive, but they were well worth the wait! Other colors are available so check it out!


Pardon the quick selfie, but these earrings must be shared.


I haven’t purchased a pair of earrings in a long time. I think the last time I posted about earrings was when I had my drop earrings remade into studs. I haven’t purchased earrings since then and that was a full year ago now.

I was in Pink on Main at TIEC over the weekend and they had these super cool earrings for sale. I just had to have a pair! I loved the blue and the pink ones, but the blue didn’t show up well with my dark hair. I bought the pink ones and LOVE them. They are so light weight and are going to look super cute with a plain dress this summer. I’m not sure who makes them, but I am going to keep my eye on this store for more super cute statement earrings.


The women in my family love jewelry and my grandmothers have been quite the collectors. My father’s mother has traveled the world and collected pieces everywhere she went. Each piece of jewelry she has, has a story that goes along with it. My mother’s mother has always a knack for befriending jewelers and they have certainly been friendships with benefits. (Note: Grandmother has not intentionally sought out jewelers as friends. She just happened to live in very small towns and everyone tends know each other very well) As a result of being the only granddaughters on both sides of the family, my sister and I have been the recipients of many beautiful and unique jewelry pieces.

Naturally, not every piece is exactly to our taste. By combining some of the older pieces with some new elements, beautiful stones can take on a new life. For example, I have an old pearl enhancer that I will never wear in a million years. It has a beautiful medium blue stone that I would love to wear more often. I’m not quite sure if it is an aquamarine or a sapphire, but it is stunning. I also have a pair of very pale aquamarine stud earrings from way back when I just had my ears pierced. The stones sizes compliment each other very well.

I first went online to find some inspiration and found plenty.

By just playing around in Apple Preview and cutting and pasting elements from photos I found online, I built a few designs to help visualize turning my pearl enhancer and old earrings into a ring. I made around 8 different arrangements, but these three are my favorites.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.16.04 AM
Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.56.15 AM
Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.18.24 AM

I was originally considering a horizontal arrangement, but after playing around with the stones on my hand, I like the vertical arrangement better.

FullSizeRender 6 FullSizeRender 2

What I need to decide now is which vertical version to have made. I was able to take a photo of my hand and overlay the design, but I’m still not sure which one to pick.


No matter what I choose, I just hope my design for this ring works out as well as the one I did for my mother’s wedding ring.


I have had a Fitbit for a couple of years now and my bands are falling apart or are irreversibly dingy. Fitbit brand bands aren’t cheap so I have been looking into alternatives. Of course I took a peek at what Amazon has to offer. I am realizing now that this blog is turning into an Amazon Prime fan page, but come on. It’s pretty darn awesome.


I found these ismile replacement bands on Amazon.com for only $13.99 with free shipping with Amazon Prime. They arrived in the mail Tuesday and they are just like the originals, but with a little more pizazz. I’m not a fan of the beige one, but I love the other colors and the texture is pretty cool too. If you are looking for a less expansive alternative to replacement bands for your fit bit, give these a try. You get 7 of these bands for about the price of 1 Fitbit brand band.


My parents recently returned from a trip to Ireland and my mom brought back the most incredible pin! She picked it up in a jewelry store in the town next to where we once lived.

On one side it has an ivory carving of a castle and on the other, there is a tin photo of a woman. It rotates so the pin can be worn on either side.

It is such a unique piece!

Because the clasp is so flimsy, it is off to be worked on. The glass is loose and my mother is going to have a piece added so that it can be worn as a necklace as well as a pin.

It’s actually pretty hard to find nice old things in Ireland so this was a very special purchase.