Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I failed to mention that something pretty cool happened at the end of 2017.
After a perfectly shitty year, I won a prize.


I won a selection of Oprah’s favorite things… and it got lost in the mail.
I kid you not. I won something and it never arrived. I’m convinced that someone put a curse on me that lasted all of 2017.

The giveaway featured the following brands: My Tag Alongs, Violet & Brooks, Neely & Chloe, Brouk & Co, and Peepers.

The marketing team who put the giveaway together has been super helpful and each vendor sent replacements individually. It was actually pretty fun to get everything in pieces. It was like Christmas every day for a while. I don’t think I would have examined and appreciated it all as much if it had come all in one box. I probably would have been overwhelmed.

The Peepers arrived first and I thought it would just be one pair. No. They sent 9 pairs of sunglasses. NINE PAIRS OF SUNGLASSES! I have 1 (one) face. That’s a lot of sunglasses. They are all really cool and I love that they are polarized.

Because no one human should have 9 pairs of sunglasses, I have enjoyed sharing them with coworkers, friends and family. I have had fun watching them all be tried on and how happy it makes everyone to get a new little something special.

Next came this incredibly beautiful laquered jewelry box from Brouke & Co.

I already had a great jewelry box from the Container Store that I purchased earlier in the year, but this one has become is my favorite.

I’m totally going to be giving these jewelry boxes as gifts to friends for birthdays and special occasions. AWESOME GIFT!

I was overwhelmed again when the jewelry from Violet & Brooks arrived. Again, I didn’t realize I would get everything that was in the giveaway picture. I thought it would just be one piece. They sent a Necklace, 3 sets of statement earrings, and a darling cushion full of stud pairs.

I love how light weight they all are.
So cute!


About a week passed before the next package arrived filled with items from My Tag Alongs. I’m pretty OCD so of course I am in love with the cord pouches. Two thumbs way up!

I particularly love the rose gold tone of the items. It’s different and really cool.

The last item to arrive was Neely & Chloe’s market tote. It arrived about two months after I won the drawing and it was well worth the wait. It’s beautiful! It’s also big enough to hold a file folder and my computer so it has now officially taken over duty as my work bag.
The color is better than it appears in the photo. It will really go with anything and everything. The straps are long enough to really grab your shoulder, but not too long to be annoying. It’s really a great bag and I’m absolutely in love with it.

Oprah really knows what’s up. I don’t think I have ever been given or purchased anything from her lists before so this was really cool. I’ll certainly be paying more attention to her annual lists moving forward.

I feel so blessed (I really mean it) that these brands would send a stranger so much for free… twice (Thanks US Postal Service). After going through so much last year, I can’t tell you how much it picked me up to know that I had won something. It was inexplicably empowering. In true southern form, thank you notes have been sent to all.

In closing…



Changing Things Up

As you may have noticed, I changed the name of this blog.

When I started this blog, it was the next chapter in a shopping blog I kept on Blogspot called Armoire of a Reverie. Dumb name…I know. I had a descent following on that site. Elizabeth McKay actually followed me. I was finishing up college and had loads of time and energy to put into mixing and matching things that I was wearing. It didn’t hurt that I had loads and loads of clothes back then.

Fast forward five years: I have moved 3 times and have taken on some pretty difficult jobs. With each move, I left things behind and changed what I was wearing to better fit what I was doing. It became exhausting to keep up the parade of outfits and accessories. It was exhausting to pack and unpack all of that mess every time I moved. I’m tired just thinking about packing all of that mess. (I’m still selling stuff, if you’re interested)
Game over.

When I moved to this blog, I intended to focus on my gift for seeking out sales. I am signed up for just about every newsletter out there and I can almost feel it in my bones when a good sale is about to hit. I published notices about sales and posted show and tell pieces after I had shopped the sales myself. This was tough to keep up.

My shopping habits changed in a pretty noticeable way in the past year. Instead of mopping up at every great sale, I would pick up a few staple pieces. Plain stuff. Boring stuff. Bread and butter stuff. Stuff that doesn’t get readers excited. Basically… I got boring.

Sorry I’m not sorry!

I find myself gravitating towards more plain items now. I love items that can be worn with anything and I LOVE being able to grab something simple and not think too much about it. It is a pretty interesting change from what I was into only a few years ago. Layering necklaces and an abundance of color are just not my deal anymore.

So about the name…
What’s the deal?
What is my deal?
What’s the deal with this blog?

I don’t know.
Won’t you stick around to find out?


A couple of weekends ago, I took a short trip to the little mountain town of Blowing Rock, NC. The town hasn’t changed much as a whole, but the shops have improved significantly and I really enjoyed sticking my head in every one of them. The air is cool there, which makes the flowers last so much longer and beautifully arranged planters and flower beds are everywhere.

I fell in love with a tiny store called Take Heart that happens to be in one of the oldest buildings in the town. They sell flowy tunics, night gowns and little rememberances. I purchased a super cute top ($29.50/could only find the yellow version online), white bon bon ($17.50/not pictured) earrings and a Lulie Wallace lunch pale ($17.50).


Down the way, I popped in Finley House Couture and fell in love with these Susan Shaw earrings. Because I work at a resort built around Equestrian Sport, I had to have them.


I also stopped in a quirky store called Mrs. Brumbles. It was full to the brim with victorian lamps, jeweled figurines and positively littered with funky jewelry. What really caught my eye were the small selection of shawls. They looked just like the cashmere poncho/shawls you would find in a really fine boutique, but they were acrylic and only $30! Of course I bought two… one pale green and one red. I don’t have photographs of them so I will have to post about them when I wear them next.

Blowing Rock is a super cute place with fun restaurants and the scent of fresh fudge billowing rom their centrally located Kilwins can be smelled all over town. It’s a great place to cool off in the summer and a very pleasant place to take a stroll. I’m going to be spending more time there in the summers now that I know how easy it is to get to!


I have decided not to get an iWatch after all. Hearing so many mixed reviews has made me very hesitant to spend that much on one item that I will probably be frustrated by.

Instead, I purchased the updated version of my old Fitbit.


I bought this about a week ago and I had trouble getting it to synch right from the get go. I contacted Fitbit’s online support and they sent a replacement that same week. The new one works perfectly and I LOVE it!

I am back on track with my steps with its reminders to move, I don’t miss a call now that it vibrates to alert me, it can also tell you when you get a text. I like that it’s small and doesn’t steal attention from my bracelets. It’s just what I needed!

They are listed as $99.95 on Fitbit’s website, but I bought mine at Best Buy for only $59.96. Sometimes it does pay to visit the store!



The speaker I purchased on Prime day turned out to be a dud and I had to return it.
Instead of replacing it, I took advantage of a sale at the Container Store and bought my dream jewelry box. I have been stalking their site for a while and am really excited about this order.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 3.33.20 PM

This order should have cost $99.97, but the promotion took of $25.00!
I have also recently joined Ebates and I should be getting 4% cash back from my order.


I believe I have established that my cabin has terrible lighting and I do the best I can with what I have. With that in mind, here is an all white get-up that was perfect to battle this summer humidity while still being comfortable in the sub zero temps of the average office in the summertime.

Linen Shirt: Old from Old Navy  | Jeans: J.Crew | Shoes: J.Crew | Necklace: The Akola Project

I ordered this super cute necklace from The Akola Project last week and LOVE IT.
They were having a major sale on their website and I snagged this $86.00 necklace for only $35.00! They are still on sale and come in a variety of colors. You can also choose between a star or a cross. Check them out now before the sale disappears!