BCBS Vouchers

A few weeks ago I just happened to be clicking around the Blue Cross Blue Shield NC website (Blue Connect) and saw something that said in free gift cards.

I clicked.

I earned free gift cards.

If you watch a 3 minute interactive video about your insurance plan, you get a voucher in the mail for 25 points. If you update your contact information, you get a second voucher for 15 points.

When they arrived in the mail, I went to the rewards page to redeem them and found that each point is worth $1 and you can choose which gift cards you want! I redeemed both vouchers for Amazon gift cards. The gift cards are electronic so I was able to redeem them that same day.

I used the vouchers towards a new top and an air tight container for my puppy’s dog food. The top was $18.99 and the container was reduced to $17.15. Those vouchers went a long way to covering these purchases!

If you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance policy, go online and log in. Click around a bit. You might just earn free gift cards!


I have always been a fan of TJ Maxx but over the past year or so I have not had much luck there. I visited a TJ Maxx yesterday afternoon on a whim and found a couple of things that I know I am going to enjoy.

First I found this Lauren Ralph Lauren Chartree Sleveless Top in Atmosphere Blue. It is very soft and feels wonderful on. This is going to be a go to work top during the dog days of summer. It almost feels like a Susana Monaco piece. I don’t have a link to this top because I cannot find it online in the United States, which it a little weird, but if you find this in a TJ Maxx or Marshalls, try it on and see how great it feels. I’m not sure what it went for retail, but I picked it up for only $19.99.


On my way to the checkout line I passed by a summer themed table and found this great hammock!
I have been looking at La Siesta hammocks on Amazon for a while now and was stunned to see on in TJ Maxx for only $29.99! They are usually around $60+ each! I’m hoping this hammock works for my space and if it doesn’t, I’ll just return it.

I bought a few other odds and ends like gift bags and tissue paper, but those were my two main purchases. You never know what you will find in places like those and I enjoy the hunt!


I have been continuously frustrated with the short lead of my standard issue Apple device chargers. I want to be able to plug in and move around!


Last week I ordered a few charging cords on Amazon. This pack of 3 was only $11.99 and the cards are all 10 feet long. They arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I am positively thrilled!

I gave one to a friend and still have one to carry in my work tote and one to keep at home. Now I can lounge comfortably in my bed or on my sofa with my device without having to contort to face the direction of a plug. I could actually jump rope with these cables!

If you are fed up with short charging cords for your apple devices, get these now while the promotion lasts!


Two Christmases ago, when I first signed up for Amazon Prime, I bought my mom a really great wine bottle opener. I had forgotten just how great until I stayed with her recently and tried it out for myself.


This baby opens bottles with ease, the top detaches and conceals a foil cutter, and IT’S CHARGEABLE! No fiddling with batteries!

It was only $19.95 and that may seem pricy for a cork screw, but it really is worth it! I now own one for myself and will be buying them for my wine drinking friends.


Another stroke of luck!

While exploring a local antique shop, I stumbled upon this small floral painting in an extraordinary frame. I was drawn to it right away.

It was so sweet and at only $20.99 I just had to bring it home with me.

It now hangs prominently above a china cabinet in my dining room and I intend to install a picture light above it to make it pop.

This is the second painting I have purchased for a song in a months time!
You never know what you will find and love that someone else no longer wants!


Until last week, I had never used Craigslist before and I had never purchased anything through Facebook. I’m not sure what possessed me to look through the items for sale in my area, but I’m so glad I did! This painting listed for only $50.00 on Facebook caught my eye.


I didn’t buy it immediately. I waited a couple of days. I hadn’t forgotten about it and I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been purchased yet. I decided to go for it.
I offered $40.00 just to get the conversation started and the seller accepted!

I met the seller in a bank parking lot and we made the trade. I couldn’t believe how large and beautiful it was in person!


The frame has a little bit of damage, but I didn’t notice until I looked very closely. I really couldn’t keep my eyes off of the painted scene. The next thing I saw was the price tag. The painting was on sale somewhere previously for $400.00. I can’t believe it! I scored this beautiful painting for only $40.00!

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This just goes to show that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!
This painting is going in my office and will make me so happy every time I see it.