Last month was pretty terrible.

I was hit head on by a drunk driver, my car was totaled and I didn’t have a car for over a month while insurance sorted things out. If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is the second time this year that I have been hit head on. Both times my car was totaled. The actual wrecks bother me less than the insurance, paperwork, phone calls and endless waiting. It’s the pitts.

On top of the mess with the accident, my grandmother has been put in Hospice care, and work is particularly difficult right now. I’m trying to keep my chin up, but I can’t deny that I’m having a hard time right now.

During the time I have been away from this site, I witnessed the Great American Solar Eclipse at 99.98% totality, listed my spare bedroom on Airbnb and have had 3 guests, painted the trim on one side of my cottage, saw a real beach in the middle of the mountains, bought an adorable halloween costume for my dog, and cleaned out my closet. My life may be in shambles, but I have stayed busy! I will try to get caught up on posts this month.

So here’s the update on my wish list:

  • Custom Ring – This ended up a total bust. Jeweler couldn’t follow directions and botched the whole thing. I threw up when I saw the results knowing I was on the hook to pay for it. Very upsetting. I am going to have to take it somewhere else and have it melted down all over again.
  • New Computer – I FINALLY DID IT! After not having a personal computer for over a year, I bought a new MacBook. I have been doing what I can from my old iPad mini, but I just needed the full functionality of a computer.
  • Hunter Shearling Soles for my wellies
  • Headache Hat – This is a new discovery and as someone who frequently suffers from migraines, this looks AMAZING.


Out of the items on my list last month, I purchased an Akola necklace (x2, great sale!), a Barbara Gerwit dress (another great sale!), and I am striking the Apple Watch off of my list because I bought a new little Fitbit instead. It was absolutely the right choice.

Custom Ring – I went to try on my new ring over the weekend and it’s still not quite ready. This process has taken way longer than I had hoped, but I can’t wait for the final result!

New Computer – This is still on hold. I’m going to wait a bit now that I am settling into new car payments.

There’s nothing else on my wish list at the moment, but I’m sure that will change come September!


My little brother just moved into his first apartment and in true boy fashion, it was decorated like a dorm room… Big sister to the rescue!

The first thing I did was rearrange his furniture. His sofa was facing the windows and there is a street light that points inward so if he ever fell asleep on the sofa or had a guest, they would be staring into a light. He also had a small flag on a large wall and was going to hang his American flag over the windows. I made him hang the flag on the larger wall since he didn’t have anything else that was large to place there. His bed was facing a wall where the light from the street lamp appears at night and he was having trouble sleeping. I rotated his bed so that he wouldn’t be staring at the light. We also hung some other things that required two people. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s a pretty good start towards a man cave.

Because he is the baby in the family, he gets everyone’s sloppy seconds. The sofa came from our grandmother, the chairs came from… who knows where and everything else was just leftovers from home redecorating projects. New lamps are going to be a high priority as right now he has outdoor solar lights stuck into candle stick holders…. That’s got to go! The kid has bare bones supplies so I’m helping him stock up.

To get things started, I ordered him some super basic dishes from Amazon ($27.50) and silverware from Ikea through Amazon ($27.79). I then ordered a bunch of kitchen basics from Ikea (the grater is for me) and spent less than $60 on a bunch of mess he needed for the kitchen. All in all I spent less than $115.00 setting up his kitchen.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 1.20.16 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 1.20.30 PM

There is a lot of mess that he needs and I’m working through a pretty solid list: Sofa pillows, floor lamp, table lamps, wall mirror, entertainment center or tv stand and set of shelves, baskets for entry shelves, bed risers, and a chair for the bedroom. I’ll be sure to share any other good deals I come across in this process.


Custom Ring – My ring is in the works and here’s a sneak peek! I’m so excited and you can be sure I will be posting about it when it is finished. Hopefully I will have it back by the end of the month.img_4944

New Computer – This is still on hold. I’m going to wait a bit now that I am settling into new car payments.

Apple Watch – I’m having second thoughts about this again. I have heard people complain about the battery life. I may wait until the next version comes out to see what improvements they have made.

Persifor Dress – I would love a Persifor dress, but may settle for a fresh Barbara Gerwit. Both are very cool and comfortable for summer and excellent for travel.

Akola Necklace – These necklaces are popping up all over the place in boutiques. I love them and with so many colors to choose from, you can bet I’m having a hard time picking just one!

Polaroid – I would love to have an old Polaroid 600 Camera. I have always wanted one and just never pulled the trigger. They are harder to find now which is such a shame. I’ll be keeping my eye out for one for certain.


I haven’t purchased a single item from my May wish list because I have been a bit distracted this month working towards a much bigger purchase.

A few months ago, I was at a full stop at a stop sign waiting for an opportunity to make a left turn when an elderly woman turned into my lane and hit my VW Jetta head on. There wasn’t one thing I could have done to avoid the collision and I watched it happen in slow motion. I even honked before she came to close so she would correct her trajectory. This was jut another episode of bad luck in a string of incidences that month. I really just couldn’t catch a break.

After the accident I happened to fall and ended up in a boot and on crutches unable to drive for about a month so I couldn’t get my car to the shop right away. Last month I did make it to the body shop and the insurance company of the woman who hit me deemed my car a total loss.

I legit cried.

My car wasn’t that old and it ran like a dream. I had just had it serviced and bought a brand new battery right before I took it to the shop. It was paid off to boot! Now I’m starting from scratch and getting a new car. I should be more excited about a new car, but given the circumstances it’s just a shame and I hate that my car couldn’t be repaired.

I will be buying new and am getting another Volkswagen. Through all of this mess I have been unsure about everything except the fact that if I had to buy a new car, it would be another VW. After trying out a few different models, I will be getting the VW Golf Alltrack SE.

Deep Black Pearl-2T2T-23,25,29-640-en_US

On the outside it looks a bit like a posh Ford Focus wagon, but on the inside, it’s incredible. It handles like my beloved Jetta, but it has even more power under the hood. I was able to test drive it on the interstate in Charlotte and just plain fell in love.

I had been looking at their larger line of vehicles and test drove the Tiguan, but this wagon caught my eye. It has everything that was on my must have list: all wheel drive, takes regular unleaded gas, automatic transmission, and the back seats fold flat so that more can fit in the vehicle. I had been looking at larger VWs because the one issue I had with my Jetta was that I couldn’t fit furniture or anything with any size to it in the trunk or back seat, even with the seats folded down. I needed something a little bigger and this wagon is perfect. Other features that I love in this car are: incredible sound system, iPhone integration, it still has a CD player, hand brake over electronic emergency brake, different driving modes, sun roof and it handles u-turns like a dream. It’s just an incredible car and pricing starts around only $26,000! It’s an incredible deal for such a quality vehicle.



My wish list for this month has not changed much from last month.

Custom Ring – I am saving up to have this done. It’s already at the jewelers being worked on and I can’t wait to pick it up. I’m really excited to see another one of my designs come to life. I was hoping to have the ring by the end of the month, but one of the jeweler’s machines had to be repaired and so I’m hoping to have it back sometime this month. I’m really really excited about it.

New computer – My massive old MacBook Pro from 2011 or 2012 barely even turns on anymore. I have long since removed anything and everything of importance from it and need to swap it out for a newer model. I have a jar set aside for this savings project and have sent my old laptop in to Apple for credit.


Apple Watch – I have finally decided on a color. When I get around to ordering one, I will get it in gold. I went to the Apple store and tried one on and am excited. A new computer is higher on the priority list so the Apple Watch is on the back burner for now.


New Bed Linnens – I’m really not enjoying my blue toile bedding and am thinking about getting a plain white douvet set and then picking a couple pillows that punch it up a bit. I can consign my Pottery Barn bedding if I ever decide the make the switch.

Sleeveless White Collared Blouse – This past summer I had to say goodbye to my favorite white blouse. It was a sleeveless dress shirt from Anne Taylor that I had worn almost every week in the warm weather months for four years. Luckily it’s enough of a basic that I can pretty well count on being able to find another one this summer.