Changing Things Up

As you may have noticed, I changed the name of this blog.

When I started this blog, it was the next chapter in a shopping blog I kept on Blogspot called Armoire of a Reverie. Dumb name…I know. I had a descent following on that site. Elizabeth McKay actually followed me. I was finishing up college and had loads of time and energy to put into mixing and matching things that I was wearing. It didn’t hurt that I had loads and loads of clothes back then.

Fast forward five years: I have moved 3 times and have taken on some pretty difficult jobs. With each move, I left things behind and changed what I was wearing to better fit what I was doing. It became exhausting to keep up the parade of outfits and accessories. It was exhausting to pack and unpack all of that mess every time I moved. I’m tired just thinking about packing all of that mess. (I’m still selling stuff, if you’re interested)
Game over.

When I moved to this blog, I intended to focus on my gift for seeking out sales. I am signed up for just about every newsletter out there and I can almost feel it in my bones when a good sale is about to hit. I published notices about sales and posted show and tell pieces after I had shopped the sales myself. This was tough to keep up.

My shopping habits changed in a pretty noticeable way in the past year. Instead of mopping up at every great sale, I would pick up a few staple pieces. Plain stuff. Boring stuff. Bread and butter stuff. Stuff that doesn’t get readers excited. Basically… I got boring.

Sorry I’m not sorry!

I find myself gravitating towards more plain items now. I love items that can be worn with anything and I LOVE being able to grab something simple and not think too much about it. It is a pretty interesting change from what I was into only a few years ago. Layering necklaces and an abundance of color are just not my deal anymore.

So about the name…
What’s the deal?
What is my deal?
What’s the deal with this blog?

I don’t know.
Won’t you stick around to find out?



Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.15.13 PM

I bought an Apple Watch and I love love love it.

If you have been following this random shopping blog for any extended period of time, my indecisiveness around the purchase of an Apple Watch has been well documented.

I was at the mall over the weekend with my Grandmother and I just decided to quit looking at them online and in the stores and just buy one already.

I handed over my Fitbit to my mom that evening and away I went with a new toy.

  • Messages: My phone dings all the ding dong day and it’s really annoying. Now I can see them on my wrist without having to hunt for my phone to make it quit sending reminder dings. (I haven’t disabled the reminders because until now it was often the only way to find my phone)
  • Calls: My phone never stops ringing and so now I can talk to people, again, without having to hunt for and then hold my phone. I can talk and type without ever touching my phone.
  • Fitness Tracking: I’m still adjusting, but I like this feature ok. I wish I could adjust all of the goals, but it looks like I can only change the move goal. I’m working on understanding this better.
  • Watch Faces: You can customize the watch faces to feature the shortcut items you use the most. I keep mine on weather, messages, reminders, and fitness tracking. I love having all of those things at my fingertips without having to use my phone.
  • Less Phone Time: If you couldn’t tell by the previous bullet points, I can’t stand my phone. It’s an iPhone 7 so it’s a great phone so it’s not the tech. It’s the noise and the constant neediness of the people on the other end of the calls and texts. Just looking at or thinking about my phone gives me anxiety and makes me kinda angry. I just needed a few degrees of separation from that device even if it means more time using another device. Only time will tell if I end up hating them both equally.

I have heard more than one person complain about the battery life of the Apple Watch and after about a week with it, I’m not having any issues. I use it all day pretty actively and I still have 50+ percent battery when I go to bed in the evening. I just stick it on it’s charger like I do my phone. Easy.

For now, I’m keeping the original band on the watch. The sport band is very comfortable and I don’t even feel it there. I was always so aware of my regular watch as it moved as I moved. The sport band keeps the Apple Watch in place and I like it a lot. I’ll get something jazzier ultimately, but I’m just enjoying the newness for now.


Always ask if a store price matches. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

A few weeks ago I went to Staples to buy a USB-C adapter for my new MacBook. The prices seemed high and when I scanned the barcode on one of the items, I found that Amazon’s price was lower.

The cord I was buying was $19.99. Amazon was offering the very same cord for $13.60. Apparently Staples offers a lower price guarantee and they took $7.03 off of their sticker price! After tax I spent only $13.83. I was absolutely thrilled!


Now this is just plain fun!


I bought an iFetch for my puppy many weeks ago and I’m so glad I did. It is certainly pricy for a pet toy, but it keeps him active and engaged when I can’t throw the ball for him.

We had a tough time with it in the beginning because puppy was a little afraid of it and looking into the output when a ball popped out didn’t help. I’m still putting the ball in for him more often than not, but he loves hearing the grinding noise it makes just before it releases the ball.

My ultimate hope is that he is able to use this on his own while I am away. It would put my mind at ease about leaving him at home if I knew he would be able to play.

There are a few products like this on the market and I didn’t know that before I bought the iFetch. The iFetch came highly recommended to me by a friend who also has a toy Australian Shepherd. I haven’t looked into the other products since either since I already had the iFetch, but it is not cheap and I don’t doubt there are more affordable options out there.


I’m breaking up the puppy posts with one about stationary.
Gifts in 24 (Embossed Graphics) is running promotion of buy one box of stationary for yourself and get one free for someone else… or just buy one get one free for yourself.


I jumped on this deal earlier this week not knowing how long the deal would last.

California Framed Monogram Note: My sister ordered this set once before and I thought it was beautiful. This is a casual set for day to day correspondence.

Whitlock Monogram Note: I ordered this set with and added boarder for more formal communications. I just love this style of monogram.

All in all I spent $56.95 and zero shipping. This sale ends tomorrow so if you are in need of a fresh set of stationary (or two!) , hop on this great deal while it lasts!


Recently, I accidentally knocked the wick off center in my favorite candle and then couldn’t get it back in the middle so I pulled it out. There was still 1/2 of the candle left in the container so I started heating it up in a pot of water to make my kitchen smell nice.

I was in Hobby Lobby last week and found a plug in candle warmer that was only around $4.00. Because I was there when just about everything was 50% off, the candle warmer was the price of a candy bar. I wasn’t sure how well it was  going to work and didn’t want to sink a lot of money into it so I was very happy with this deal.

I was really surprised how well it works! It melts my whole candle in no time and allows me to burn my candle at work without a flame!


I got the matte black iPhone 7 instead of the gold this time and I really like that it’s less flashy. I also selected basic accessories that I have tried and loved in the past.
These are my go to phone case items:

Tech Armor Screen Protector:


I have seen so many people break their glass screen protectors and I don’t see why people continue to buy them. I bought this Tech Armor screen protector for my iPhone 6 two years ago and apart from a few scratches to the protective screen, I never had any issues and didn’t need to reapply it. The Verizon man tried to sell me on the other kind, but I’m sticking by this product, because it has served me well. It’s also CHEAP at only $5.95 from Amazon!

Case-Mate Naked Tough Case:


I purchased this case for my iPhone 6 and really enjoyed it. I had the clear one last time so that the gold phone would be fully visible. This time I’m going with a smoky case. My phone is black so it shouldn’t really matter, but I like to be able to see through the case a bit. It’s just a personal preference. I have had one of these cases chip at the edges, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. I am very careful with my phones and often go without a case, but because my phone is so new, I do want to protect it. This case is $34.99 on Amazon.