Changing Things Up

As you may have noticed, I changed the name of this blog.

When I started this blog, it was the next chapter in a shopping blog I kept on Blogspot called Armoire of a Reverie. Dumb name…I know. I had a descent following on that site. Elizabeth McKay actually followed me. I was finishing up college and had loads of time and energy to put into mixing and matching things that I was wearing. It didn’t hurt that I had loads and loads of clothes back then.

Fast forward five years: I have moved 3 times and have taken on some pretty difficult jobs. With each move, I left things behind and changed what I was wearing to better fit what I was doing. It became exhausting to keep up the parade of outfits and accessories. It was exhausting to pack and unpack all of that mess every time I moved. I’m tired just thinking about packing all of that mess. (I’m still selling stuff, if you’re interested)
Game over.

When I moved to this blog, I intended to focus on my gift for seeking out sales. I am signed up for just about every newsletter out there and I can almost feel it in my bones when a good sale is about to hit. I published notices about sales and posted show and tell pieces after I had shopped the sales myself. This was tough to keep up.

My shopping habits changed in a pretty noticeable way in the past year. Instead of mopping up at every great sale, I would pick up a few staple pieces. Plain stuff. Boring stuff. Bread and butter stuff. Stuff that doesn’t get readers excited. Basically… I got boring.

Sorry I’m not sorry!

I find myself gravitating towards more plain items now. I love items that can be worn with anything and I LOVE being able to grab something simple and not think too much about it. It is a pretty interesting change from what I was into only a few years ago. Layering necklaces and an abundance of color are just not my deal anymore.

So about the name…
What’s the deal?
What is my deal?
What’s the deal with this blog?

I don’t know.
Won’t you stick around to find out?



A few weeks ago I just happened to be clicking around the Blue Cross Blue Shield NC website (Blue Connect) and saw something that said in free gift cards.

I clicked.

I earned free gift cards.

If you watch a 3 minute interactive video about your insurance plan, you get a voucher in the mail for 25 points. If you update your contact information, you get a second voucher for 15 points.

When they arrived in the mail, I went to the rewards page to redeem them and found that each point is worth $1 and you can choose which gift cards you want! I redeemed both vouchers for Amazon gift cards. The gift cards are electronic so I was able to redeem them that same day.


I used the vouchers towards a new top and an air tight container for my puppy’s dog food. The top was $18.99 and the container was reduced to $17.15. Those vouchers went a long way to covering these purchases!

If you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance policy, go online and log in. Click around a bit. You might just earn free gift cards!


I was feeling crafty last weekend and decided to make some new bandanas for my puppy. I picked up some happy fabric from Hobby Lobby and started the project.


Step 1: Measure your dog’s neck and add a few inches to that measurement. Cut the fabric in a square to that measurement. (I used 15″ square for this demo)
Step 2: Cut iron on backing to the same size and be sure to put the correct side against the fabric.
Step 3: Iron the backing to the fabric.
Step 4: Cut off any extra backing from around the edges. I also usually iron again after cutting the scraps.


Step 5: Fold in half into a triangle and iron. This makes a line that is easy to follow for the next step.
Step 6: Cut along the line to make two triangles.
Step 7: Fold again down the middle and iron.


Step 8: Measure along the center where you have folded and ironed and make a mark a little less than 1/2 the way down from the flat end that will be against the dog’s neck. Be sure not to measure from the tip of the bandana. (I did this by accident on one of my own.) Mark from where you measured to the side point of the bandana.
Step 9: Cut along the line you have marked and open to reveal your finished product.

Admittedly I did choose the worst color for this demo and the lighting was terrible because I was doing this at night. Oh well! I hope you enjoy!


Now this is just plain fun!


I bought an iFetch for my puppy many weeks ago and I’m so glad I did. It is certainly pricy for a pet toy, but it keeps him active and engaged when I can’t throw the ball for him.

We had a tough time with it in the beginning because puppy was a little afraid of it and looking into the output when a ball popped out didn’t help. I’m still putting the ball in for him more often than not, but he loves hearing the grinding noise it makes just before it releases the ball.

My ultimate hope is that he is able to use this on his own while I am away. It would put my mind at ease about leaving him at home if I knew he would be able to play.

There are a few products like this on the market and I didn’t know that before I bought the iFetch. The iFetch came highly recommended to me by a friend who also has a toy Australian Shepherd. I haven’t looked into the other products since either since I already had the iFetch, but it is not cheap and I don’t doubt there are more affordable options out there.


It’s another puppy post!

My sweet puppy loves to romp and play and I love letting him enjoy the outdoors. Because he is so low to the ground, he needs a bath a couple times a week.


I researched my dog’s breed before I got him and thought that after having a Maltese, that the hair of an Australian Shepherd would be no problem. I was totally prepared for the level of maintenance that I was in for, but I am still adjusting to how thick my puppy’s hair is, but one tool I already had up my sleeve has been a big help. I have one of these wash mitts for my maltese and he loves it. I use this on my new puppy and he loves it too and is becoming more comfortable with bath time.

After bath time is a different story…
I throw a big towel in the dryer before bath time so that I can wrap my dogs up its warmth when bath time is over. Towel drying them as much as possible keeps me from having to use the blow dryer too much. They both hate the hair dryer and I don’t blame them.

Once the hair drying torture has ceased, we attempt brushing.


I hadn’t needed a slicker brush for my Maltese and have found that it is very handy to have one for my Australian Shepherd. This brush is pretty darn cool. It cleans itself! Why is there not something like this for humans! This brush is pretty pricy, but I bought it on sale for $15.99 and have not been disappointed. Puppy doesn’t love it, but he doesn’t hate it either, which is a start!

The proof is in the pudding. Here’s a photo of my sweet boy.



This dog is my child and my fur baby deserves the best. I have bought more than I care to admit for this pooch, but I’m here to share the best of the best. I also don’t go shopping for myself much anymore. It’s all about the puppy!


My dog LOVES bones and has taken to hiding them (not so well) all over the place. In a 3 pack featuring different types of Nylabones, there was one bone that topped them all. Pinckney went wild for the Lamb and Apple edible bone. I now keep him well stocked in bones, which keeps him away from my shoes!

I also purchased a really cool new leash. This leash has accessories! This brand makes a little container that clips into it and can hold poopie bags or treats! It’s pretty darn cool. The price is pretty good too depending on the color you pick. I didn’t go with the least expensive because I was set on having teal.

This may not seem very exciting, but I’m excited about it! I needed bowls for P’s travel crate and found a great deal on this 2-pack. Only $10.99!

Also not super exciting, I bought this comb at the suggestion of a groomer. P is beginning to get his undercoat and apparently a comb gets at it better than a brush.

Sorry if I’m boring you with the puppy stuff, but look at this face! Irresistible!



I accidentally bought a mammoth play pen for my house so that puppy wouldn’t have to be confined to the crate if I had to leave him at home. It turns out that bigger is better!

a17qnzjrozl-_sl1500_This huge playpen was purchased on Amazon and it is AWESOME. I paid so little for it and was surprised to receive such a quality product that was so simple to assemble. It comes in a bunch of different colors, but I chose white. I wish I would have ordered it in green or grey. When I put it together and then glanced at my tiny puppy, I thought I had way overshot the puppy to playpen ratio. Really it ended up being perfect! I can easily fit his crate, food bowls and a couple of pee pads inside with additional room to play. This is a game changing purchase. When I made my purchase, the price was only $42.39. That’s the price of most small dog crates!

Now we’re getting fancy! (My dog is going to be spoiled rotten!)
Crates aren’t cute and in the winter, they can be a bit cold and this will kelp keep puppy warm. I also wanted to make puppy’s crate more appealing as we work on his separation anxiety at night. The reviews for this product are pretty glowing and the price is hard to beat! The crate cover was $24.99 and the bed was $21.99. These are really very nice and so affordable! They also come in grey and navy. Check it out!

End Note: As you are ordering items on Amazon, please consider ordering through rather than By doing so you can generate donations to your charity of choice just by buying things you were going to already!