This is real life y’all.

Tucked away in the foothills of the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains is a lake called Lake Lure. Lake Lure was one of the film locations of the cult film Dirty Dancing. On the one edge of the lake there is a genuine beach. It’s completely bizarre to see in person. The scene of folks entering the beach is just like that at the beach at the coast, but with mountains and the beach accesses a lake and not the ocean.

I knew there was a “beach” at Lake Lure, but I need knew how legit it was. Next year I plan to go there often.

Bizzarre, but awesome.



I haven’t purchased a single item from my May wish list because I have been a bit distracted this month working towards a much bigger purchase.

A few months ago, I was at a full stop at a stop sign waiting for an opportunity to make a left turn when an elderly woman turned into my lane and hit my VW Jetta head on. There wasn’t one thing I could have done to avoid the collision and I watched it happen in slow motion. I even honked before she came to close so she would correct her trajectory. This was jut another episode of bad luck in a string of incidences that month. I really just couldn’t catch a break.

After the accident I happened to fall and ended up in a boot and on crutches unable to drive for about a month so I couldn’t get my car to the shop right away. Last month I did make it to the body shop and the insurance company of the woman who hit me deemed my car a total loss.

I legit cried.

My car wasn’t that old and it ran like a dream. I had just had it serviced and bought a brand new battery right before I took it to the shop. It was paid off to boot! Now I’m starting from scratch and getting a new car. I should be more excited about a new car, but given the circumstances it’s just a shame and I hate that my car couldn’t be repaired.

I will be buying new and am getting another Volkswagen. Through all of this mess I have been unsure about everything except the fact that if I had to buy a new car, it would be another VW. After trying out a few different models, I will be getting the VW Golf Alltrack SE.

Deep Black Pearl-2T2T-23,25,29-640-en_US

On the outside it looks a bit like a posh Ford Focus wagon, but on the inside, it’s incredible. It handles like my beloved Jetta, but it has even more power under the hood. I was able to test drive it on the interstate in Charlotte and just plain fell in love.

I had been looking at their larger line of vehicles and test drove the Tiguan, but this wagon caught my eye. It has everything that was on my must have list: all wheel drive, takes regular unleaded gas, automatic transmission, and the back seats fold flat so that more can fit in the vehicle. I had been looking at larger VWs because the one issue I had with my Jetta was that I couldn’t fit furniture or anything with any size to it in the trunk or back seat, even with the seats folded down. I needed something a little bigger and this wagon is perfect. Other features that I love in this car are: incredible sound system, iPhone integration, it still has a CD player, hand brake over electronic emergency brake, different driving modes, sun roof and it handles u-turns like a dream. It’s just an incredible car and pricing starts around only $26,000! It’s an incredible deal for such a quality vehicle.



I have heard a lot about the Drybar and have seen their storefronts in New York, but I hadn’t tried their products or services before I received this gift for Christmas from my sister.


This is such a great kit. I love this folding hair dryer. It’s perfect for travel. The clips and brush are great too. The best part of this kit is the mini dry shampoo and conditioner. I have tried dry shampoo in the past and have had mixed results, but I am here to tell you that Drybar’s dry shampoo is amazing. It works every time and is effortless. I have never tried dry conditioner before, but I like using it on the tips of my hair after straightening. It keeps my hair from looking too dry.

Drybar has so many nice kits that make excellent gifts. If you have a Drybar near you, I would encourage you to check it out. They really do have a quality product.


Saturday, October 29th, my parents came to get me from work and took me to lunch at the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Asheville. We got there when the doors opened at 11am and it’s a good thing we did. That placed packed out in a hurry!

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This place blew me away. I had heard great things about it, but just hadn’t made it there until my birthday this year. The food was great and so was the beer. My mom, dad and I took a a self guided tour and were blown away by how beautiful everything was.

If you are planning a trip to Asheville, NC any time soon, you need to see this place for yourself.


Nothing beats a great tote bag!

I recently had an old, reliable tote bag bite the dust. It was a sad day.
Because that bag was from Lands End, I was able to order a new one exactly like it!


My old bag was green and my new one is red with a different monogram style. I have already sprayed it thoroughly with Scotch Guard and am carrying it with pride. It has a pocket for everything and this bag serves as my portable office.


Going to Lulu Lemon in NYC is much more chill than going to Lulu Lemon in Charlotte. In NYC, they don’t try to over sell you and get you hyped up over leggings. They simply let you browse in peace and make a selection. It was refreshing.

I had just made a couple purchases from Lulu Lemon in Charlotte so I didn’t really need anything, but I did pick up a couple of headbands. I got the Fly Away Tamer Headband II in black and luon spray jacquard hunter green black. These headbands really stay in place and keep the wispies out of my face. I love them.


I have been terribly delinquent in my posting of late. There has been a good reason… I have been on vacation! Last week I went to visit my sister in New York City and I had a really great time. It’s weird how well I can relax in the big city.

While I was there, I stopped in a store I see far too infrequently.

This Oversized Sweater in grey is deceiving on the hanger. My sister bought it in black and it wasn’t until we got them home that we realized it is a one shoulder top. We still like the top so we kept them. On the right is a Suede Effect Jacket that I am obsessed with. I had been looking for a jacket like this and lo and behold, one appeared on a rack right in front of me. It’s the type of piece I don’t want to invest a lot into so I was delighted that the price was only $49.90. That’s the best thing about Zara. They have stylish pieces and classic staples and all at an affordable price.

I also picked up two new scarves, one grey and the other an olive color. The scarf appears much more camel in this photo, but it is very olive in real life. They are large, soft and warm. Perfect for wrapping up for a flight or in cold weather.

I know I didn’t even scratch the surface of the great things Zara has in their stores for the fall. It’s just so hard to shop in a store that has so much to offer! I will be stalking their website for more great finds for fall.