I love funky glasses.
I especially love these funky glasses from See in Charleston, SC.


It was pretty much game over as soon as I saw these glasses.


Of course I bought them. How could I not?

See had so many awesome frames. It was hard to choose just one pair.



In order to get caught up on posts, the next few posts are going to be brief and not in chronological order.

Over the Labor Day holiday, I exercised restraint and only bought a few things I really needed. My favorite hairclip died after 5+ years. It was a sad day. I replaced the clip and ordered a spare. I was in desperate need of a pair of black jeans also.

These jeans were originally $110.00 and I bought them for $77.00.
These clips are usually $8.50 and I bought each for $5.95.


I also picked up a bunch of basic underwear from Victorias Secret over the holiday. They were running a promotion where if you buy 7+ pairs, each pair would be reduced to only $4.00. I really stocked up.


Last month was pretty terrible.

I was hit head on by a drunk driver, my car was totaled and I didn’t have a car for over a month while insurance sorted things out. If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is the second time this year that I have been hit head on. Both times my car was totaled. The actual wrecks bother me less than the insurance, paperwork, phone calls and endless waiting. It’s the pitts.

On top of the mess with the accident, my grandmother has been put in Hospice care, and work is particularly difficult right now. I’m trying to keep my chin up, but I can’t deny that I’m having a hard time right now.

During the time I have been away from this site, I witnessed the Great American Solar Eclipse at 99.98% totality, listed my spare bedroom on Airbnb and have had 3 guests, painted the trim on one side of my cottage, saw a real beach in the middle of the mountains, bought an adorable halloween costume for my dog, and cleaned out my closet. My life may be in shambles, but I have stayed busy! I will try to get caught up on posts this month.

So here’s the update on my wish list:

  • Custom Ring – This ended up a total bust. Jeweler couldn’t follow directions and botched the whole thing. I threw up when I saw the results knowing I was on the hook to pay for it. Very upsetting. I am going to have to take it somewhere else and have it melted down all over again.
  • New Computer – I FINALLY DID IT! After not having a personal computer for over a year, I bought a new MacBook. I have been doing what I can from my old iPad mini, but I just needed the full functionality of a computer.
  • Hunter Shearling Soles for my wellies
  • Headache Hat – This is a new discovery and as someone who frequently suffers from migraines, this looks AMAZING.


Yesterday I was hit head on by a drunk driver. This is the second time this year that I have been hit head on. My brand new car is totaled and I’m a little banged up. Considering the severity of the crash, I am very fortunate to be alive.

Excuse the brevity of this post.

I’m just taking some time to recover.


It’s been a month or so since I posted about my Poshmark finds, so let me get you caught up.

J.Crew Cabled Cashmere Sweater $18.00
Jack Rogers Nude Sandals $74.00
J.Crew Tweed Jacket $40.00

Summer is a great time to buy winter clothes because they are all on sale! I am always keeping my eye out for the reduction notices on Poshmark for additional savings.

My go to Jack Rogers sandals finally kicked the bucket last week after having been resoled twice and so it was time for a new pair. I found these never been worn Jacks for only $74! That’s a savings of about $30.00. Not bad!


I was scrolling through Facebook recently and I saw that a former colleague’s daughter was raising money for their cheer group to go to a conference and I decided to contribute.

They were selling popcorn, which I wasn’t excited about at first. I ordered a small jar of a chocolate covered popcorn; and when it arrived I ate just about all of it in one sitting.


When I went back to order more, the fundraiser was closed.
About a week later they reopened the fundraiser page and I was able to get two large bags. I have been rationing my supply and am limiting myself to a cup a day. It’s divine!

The Boy Scouts need to sell this stuff instead of their own popcorn. They would have many more takers!


All of these photos are terrible, but the items in these photographs are terrific!

I love pale purple and I love cashmere. I love pale purple cashmere.
This cashmere sweater was reduced to $10.00 on Poshmark and I jumped on it. I love the feature on Poshmark that lets you heart an item and then come back to it later. The app sends you notifications when items are reduced so you can keep an eye out for better deals.


I love Lululemon Athletica as much as the next person, but the number on those price tags is tough to swallow. Luckily, folks buy the wrong size all the time or only wear something a few times before they no longer want the item anymore. That’s what happened in this instance. I was able to purchase this Lululemon skort for only $30!


I found out a few months ago that the Devin fit pants from Ann Taylor fit me like a dream. I have been keeping my eye out for deals on these pants and just bought this super cute pair of navy eyelet cropped pants for $19.

I don’t just buy things from Poshmark, I sell also. Check out my Poshmark page!