My Brand New Nose

The past week has been a whirlwind and last Thursday marked the end of a long and painful saga that began when I was very young. I have come a long way, but have a lot more healing to do.

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When I was 13 and working as part of a youth volunteer program at my local YMCA, I was put in charge of the moon bounce/bouncing castle.. I was alone for a while and decided to jump around. I crushed my nose with my knee during a flip and became Voldemort’s long lost twin.

In middle school, surgeon number one operated once and later attempted to open me up in his office to make an alteration that never should have been attempted in an office setting.

Horrified and very disappointed, my mother started doing her homework and found a truly wonderful ENT who also happened to be a Plastic Surgeon.

In high school, wonderful surgeon number 2 repaired my sinuses and my nose and the procedures went very well and we expected a spectacular outcome. One week after surgery I became light headed and passed out. I fell out of a chair in my bathroom and hit my nose against the bathtub on the way down. I was rushed in for emergency surgery that day and the surgeon did what he could knowing that ultimately I would need to come back for another round.

Now, a decade later, I finally bit the bullet and decided to put this mess to rest. I returned to wonderful surgeon number 2 and the moment he stepped in to the exam room he could see I couldn’t breathe. Significant scar tissue had developed and my nostrils had collapsed. I just couldn’t breathe through my nose and all of the mouth breathing had made my teeth very sensitive. We booked a date in January for surgery but due to the devastation in Puerto Rico, certain products and tools he needed to operate were in short supply and we had to push the date.

March 22nd became the big day. My surgery ended up being more difficult than expected due to the scar tissue that had developed over a decade since crush injury #2. My nose was such a mess, surgery took an hour longer than expected. Thanks to an organ donor, my surgeon had the best and strongest spare parts (that’s what I’m calling them) he needed to reinforce my nose and complete this final repair.

It’s not going to be a perfect looking nose. Given how much this honker has been through, it’s just not a realistic expectation to achieve the aesthetic ideal. It will, however, be FULLY FUNCTIONAL and I am so grateful that I would cry if it didn’t hurt to do so right now.

I will look a bit different when everything heals and it will take some getting used to. I will certainly be doing my fair share of staring at it so don’t feel bad if you catch yourself staring too. Given how many times I have had my nose worked on, I’m no stranger to close inspection. In fact, after how much time, effort and money has gone in to this bad boy, staring is encouraged. Get a good look everybody. This nose is the finished product and it’s here to stay!


Apple HomePod – A Valentine to Myself

Apple is releasing a speaker and I’m very excited.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.32.21 PM

I now have a new Apple MacBook, Apple Watch, Apple AirPods, and Apple iPhone. Something I have been impressed with across the board, especially with my new MacBook and AirPods, is the quality of sound.

I had been looking for quality speakers for my house and hadn’t found anything that could compare to the sound experiencing I was getting with my Apple Products. The closest quality I could find was from Sonos. My sister and her Fiancé have a couple Sonos speaker in their apartment and I love how those speakers operate in that space. I was about to buy a couple when I saw Apple was releasing their HomePod product.

Because I’m still a bit broke from Christmas and all of my car crap last year, I’m going to have to save a bit before I can get this, but I’m totally getting one as a Valentines present to myself. If you are looking for the perfect thing to get your Valentine, this would make a killer gift. Skip the shitty Pandora and heart shaped jewelry and get your special someone something they will really enjoy.

New Year, New…

I am not going to apologize for not writing anything over the past month or so. I haven’t had anything to say, and that really applies to just about every post I published last year. 2017 was a razor scooter to the shin (cue acute painful flashback) and I am hoping and praying that 2018 is a complete 180 from last year.









2017 in Summery/Memoriam
January – hot water heater died | February – grandmother fell and was found more than a day later and had to have emergency surgery| March – broken waterline…week without water, first car accident of the year totaling my VW Jetta  | April – fell walking and 3rd degree sprained my ankle necessitating 2 months on crutches | May – still miserable from serious sprain. | June – Heart issues landed me in the ER | July – A short series of bad dates. | August – Hit by a drunk driver in the middle of the day totaling my brand new VW Alltrack and injuring my arm and abdomen| September – The month of no car | October – crept closer to 30 YO | November – New car’s roof leaked and had to be replaced | December – uneventful month and by far the best month of 2017.


2018 I’m ready for you! Thankfully there is much to look forward to!
So far this year I have already taken a trip to Raleigh, scheduled a surgery, cancelled a surgery (more on that later) and attended a concert (also more on that later).

Upcoming events in 2018 that I’m excited about include:

  • A hair cut – I really need one right now so this is an exciting  prospect
  • Tooth cleaning – I just got dental insurance for the first time in my life so I’m excited about this appointment also.
  • Spring trip to NYC to visit my sister.
  • My sister is coming to visit in March
  • My sister’s bachelorette weekend in April
  • One of my besties is coming to NC from Missouri to go to a concert with me in May
  • My sister’s wedding in in June
  • I’m going to hear Sam Smith in July
  • The World Equestrian Games in September

This may look like a short list, but it’s a pretty heavy hitting schedule. I have a little something fun planned for almost every month. I’m hoping to fill my empty months with trips to see friends I haven’t seen in ages.

Now, about the blog…
I’m planning to write more posts of substance this year. I am not going to follow a schedule; I’m just gong to write from the heart and share topics, experiences, and products that I care about. I may pepper in some pictures of my adorable dog too.

Hang with me and let me know what you think.

Happy New Year!

P.S. – I changed the colors and fonts to freshen this sucker up. I hope you like it!



In order to get caught up on posts, the next few posts are going to be brief and not in chronological order.

Over the Labor Day holiday, I exercised restraint and only bought a few things I really needed. My favorite hairclip died after 5+ years. It was a sad day. I replaced the clip and ordered a spare. I was in desperate need of a pair of black jeans also.

These jeans were originally $110.00 and I bought them for $77.00.
These clips are usually $8.50 and I bought each for $5.95.


I also picked up a bunch of basic underwear from Victorias Secret over the holiday. They were running a promotion where if you buy 7+ pairs, each pair would be reduced to only $4.00. I really stocked up.