In order to get caught up on posts, the next few posts are going to be brief and not in chronological order.

Over the Labor Day holiday, I exercised restraint and only bought a few things I really needed. My favorite hairclip died after 5+ years. It was a sad day. I replaced the clip and ordered a spare. I was in desperate need of a pair of black jeans also.

These jeans were originally $110.00 and I bought them for $77.00.
These clips are usually $8.50 and I bought each for $5.95.


I also picked up a bunch of basic underwear from Victorias Secret over the holiday. They were running a promotion where if you buy 7+ pairs, each pair would be reduced to only $4.00. I really stocked up.



I was scrolling through Facebook recently and I saw that a former colleague’s daughter was raising money for their cheer group to go to a conference and I decided to contribute.

They were selling popcorn, which I wasn’t excited about at first. I ordered a small jar of a chocolate covered popcorn; and when it arrived I ate just about all of it in one sitting.


When I went back to order more, the fundraiser was closed.
About a week later they reopened the fundraiser page and I was able to get two large bags. I have been rationing my supply and am limiting myself to a cup a day. It’s divine!

The Boy Scouts need to sell this stuff instead of their own popcorn. They would have many more takers!


I have a very difficult time finding pants so it was particularly surprising to me to find 3 pairs of pants that fit all in one day. I typically find only 3 pairs of pants that fit in a year so I guess I have met my quota. After trying on about 20 different pairs of jeans, slacks and casual pants in a few stores, I hit the jackpot.

Ann Taylor carries pants in multiple fits and I tried them all to see which worked best for me and found that I could rely on the Devit fit to — well, fit.

I still cannot believe my luck!

The first pair I tried was The Crop Pant – Devin Fit in black and it fit beautifully. Originally $69.00, I picked them up for $58.68 with a 15% discount I had up my sleeve. I will likely be ordering those same pants in navy and grey.

My mom actually found the second pair on a sale rack I hadn’t seen. The Ankle Pant in Doublecloth – Devin Fit is the winter version of the cropped pant and they fit like a glove as well. I purchased them in the color pictured above that is not available on the website.


The third pair I purchased is a little more formal and is from their suiting collection. These gabardine All-Season Stretch Ankle Pants slacks will take me through all seasons. These slacks were originally $98.00, but the 15% discount brought them down to $83.30, which is still high, but they are such a classic and will go well with my suit jacket of the same material.

It’s a relief that I will not have to try any more pants on in the store. That’s just plain exhausting. Now that I know how well the Devin style fits me, I will be able to purchase pants online as I see them go on sale.


Since moving to the foothills in NC, I have been freezing! I can’t stand being cold but moved towards the mountains anyway. My sister who lives in Manhattan told me to get a down filled coat to keep me warm. BEST ADVICE EVER!

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 11.36.57 PM

I purchased this Ralph Lauren Combo Quilt Packable Down coat from Belk. The coat was originally $250.00 and I scored it for $125.00 before tax and shipping. This coat has been worth every single cent. The page for the coat has been deleted from Belk, but I found the green version on Nordstrom’s website. I don’t see this coat for sale online anymore, but if you can score one second hand it would be worth it. Really great coat! I have been toasty warm through temps in the 20s and in strong wind. I am so grateful for this coat!