It’s been a month or so since I posted about my Poshmark finds, so let me get you caught up.

J.Crew Cabled Cashmere Sweater $18.00
Jack Rogers Nude Sandals $74.00
J.Crew Tweed Jacket $40.00

Summer is a great time to buy winter clothes because they are all on sale! I am always keeping my eye out for the reduction notices on Poshmark for additional savings.

My go to Jack Rogers sandals finally kicked the bucket last week after having been resoled twice and so it was time for a new pair. I found these never been worn Jacks for only $74! That’s a savings of about $30.00. Not bad!


I was scrolling through Facebook recently and I saw that a former colleague’s daughter was raising money for their cheer group to go to a conference and I decided to contribute.

They were selling popcorn, which I wasn’t excited about at first. I ordered a small jar of a chocolate covered popcorn; and when it arrived I ate just about all of it in one sitting.


When I went back to order more, the fundraiser was closed.
About a week later they reopened the fundraiser page and I was able to get two large bags. I have been rationing my supply and am limiting myself to a cup a day. It’s divine!

The Boy Scouts need to sell this stuff instead of their own popcorn. They would have many more takers!


All of these photos are terrible, but the items in these photographs are terrific!

I love pale purple and I love cashmere. I love pale purple cashmere.
This cashmere sweater was reduced to $10.00 on Poshmark and I jumped on it. I love the feature on Poshmark that lets you heart an item and then come back to it later. The app sends you notifications when items are reduced so you can keep an eye out for better deals.


I love Lululemon Athletica as much as the next person, but the number on those price tags is tough to swallow. Luckily, folks buy the wrong size all the time or only wear something a few times before they no longer want the item anymore. That’s what happened in this instance. I was able to purchase this Lululemon skort for only $30!


I found out a few months ago that the Devin fit pants from Ann Taylor fit me like a dream. I have been keeping my eye out for deals on these pants and just bought this super cute pair of navy eyelet cropped pants for $19.

I don’t just buy things from Poshmark, I sell also. Check out my Poshmark page!


I was feeling crafty last weekend and decided to make some new bandanas for my puppy. I picked up some happy fabric from Hobby Lobby and started the project.


Step 1: Measure your dog’s neck and add a few inches to that measurement. Cut the fabric in a square to that measurement. (I used 15″ square for this demo)
Step 2: Cut iron on backing to the same size and be sure to put the correct side against the fabric.
Step 3: Iron the backing to the fabric.
Step 4: Cut off any extra backing from around the edges. I also usually iron again after cutting the scraps.


Step 5: Fold in half into a triangle and iron. This makes a line that is easy to follow for the next step.
Step 6: Cut along the line to make two triangles.
Step 7: Fold again down the middle and iron.


Step 8: Measure along the center where you have folded and ironed and make a mark a little less than 1/2 the way down from the flat end that will be against the dog’s neck. Be sure not to measure from the tip of the bandana. (I did this by accident on one of my own.) Mark from where you measured to the side point of the bandana.
Step 9: Cut along the line you have marked and open to reveal your finished product.

Admittedly I did choose the worst color for this demo and the lighting was terrible because I was doing this at night. Oh well! I hope you enjoy!


I have a very difficult time finding pants so it was particularly surprising to me to find 3 pairs of pants that fit all in one day. I typically find only 3 pairs of pants that fit in a year so I guess I have met my quota. After trying on about 20 different pairs of jeans, slacks and casual pants in a few stores, I hit the jackpot.

Ann Taylor carries pants in multiple fits and I tried them all to see which worked best for me and found that I could rely on the Devit fit to — well, fit.

I still cannot believe my luck!

The first pair I tried was The Crop Pant – Devin Fit in black and it fit beautifully. Originally $69.00, I picked them up for $58.68 with a 15% discount I had up my sleeve. I will likely be ordering those same pants in navy and grey.

My mom actually found the second pair on a sale rack I hadn’t seen. The Ankle Pant in Doublecloth – Devin Fit is the winter version of the cropped pant and they fit like a glove as well. I purchased them in the color pictured above that is not available on the website.


The third pair I purchased is a little more formal and is from their suiting collection. These gabardine All-Season Stretch Ankle Pants slacks will take me through all seasons. These slacks were originally $98.00, but the 15% discount brought them down to $83.30, which is still high, but they are such a classic and will go well with my suit jacket of the same material.

It’s a relief that I will not have to try any more pants on in the store. That’s just plain exhausting. Now that I know how well the Devin style fits me, I will be able to purchase pants online as I see them go on sale.


Now this is just plain fun!


I bought an iFetch for my puppy many weeks ago and I’m so glad I did. It is certainly pricy for a pet toy, but it keeps him active and engaged when I can’t throw the ball for him.

We had a tough time with it in the beginning because puppy was a little afraid of it and looking into the output when a ball popped out didn’t help. I’m still putting the ball in for him more often than not, but he loves hearing the grinding noise it makes just before it releases the ball.

My ultimate hope is that he is able to use this on his own while I am away. It would put my mind at ease about leaving him at home if I knew he would be able to play.

There are a few products like this on the market and I didn’t know that before I bought the iFetch. The iFetch came highly recommended to me by a friend who also has a toy Australian Shepherd. I haven’t looked into the other products since either since I already had the iFetch, but it is not cheap and I don’t doubt there are more affordable options out there.


So life happened.

Grandmother broke her leg very badly and is not doing well.

My mother, my grandmother’s only child, had to have spine surgery the same week my grandmother fell.

I took a week from work to care for them both and am still with them on weekends.

I love them both so much and can’t imagine being anywhere other than by their sides at this time, but I’m exhausted and needless to say, I haven’t been shopping. I’m pressing pause on this project so I can focus on family.