I have been wearing the same pair of short black suede heels with a bow on the toe for five or more years now. They are worn out and are very uncomfortable now. I have been looking to replace them, but couldn’t find anything similar until this year.


Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.09.38 PM

They are basically the same shoes.
I’m delighted.

The Ashlyn Suede Bow Pumps from Ann Taylor are $138.00 online, but during a recent promotion offering 40% off, I purchased these shoes for $82.80 plus tax. These are much more comfortable than my old pair and the heel is just a smidgeon taller which, oddly, makes them easier to walk in.

Ann Taylor has a bunch of great low heels if you want that little bit of lift, but need them to be practical. This may be my first pair of Ann Taylor shoes, but it certainly will not be my last.



Ann Taylor recently threw a really great sale.
Everything was 50% off and they added free shipping!
I took that opportunity to get caught up on my Ann Taylor wish list.

This Boatneck Flare Cuff Blouse has been on my list for a while. I love simple blouses that I can pair with skirts or slacks for work. I was running low on basics so I bought this top in winter white and black. They are pretty affordable to begin with priced at $69.50, but I was ecstatic to buy them at the reduced price of $34.75.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 4.01.11 PM

I also bought this simple Satin Trim Keyhole Top for only $29.75. It was originally $59.50.

I have been meaning to replace my old, and in some cases tattered, collared dress shirts with a new set of basics. Mission accomplished!


As a child, I was confused by the concept of a shell. What my mother called a shell looked to me a whole lot like a tank top and I always wondered why my mother had so many “shells” in her closet.

I totally get it now!
They fit perfectly under a jacket and avoid the whole bunched up sleeve scenario. They are also a smart option for summer when it is blazing hot outside, but you need a jacket indoors to counter the blasting AC.

Now I am growing a shell collection of my own!
This week Ann Taylor marked everything on their website down by 40% and I picked up this classic shell in 3 colors. The promotion reduced each top from $39.50 to $23.70 each.


As you know, I have recently found great luck in purchasing pants that fit.

I got an email Sunday saying Ann Taylor was taking 60% off of their sale items and I decided to take a look and was pleased to find two more pairs of pants like the ones I bought in the store. Many of the other items offered in the sale were only available in very select sizes, but the pants seemed to have much more availability. SO LUCKY!

The extra 60% off of sale styles reduced these pants from $89.00 to only $28.00 each! That’s bananas! Of course I bought them both.

Both pairs are in the Devin fit. On the left is The Ankle Pant in Cotton Twill in Intense Emerald and the right is The Anke Pant in Denim.


I have a very difficult time finding pants so it was particularly surprising to me to find 3 pairs of pants that fit all in one day. I typically find only 3 pairs of pants that fit in a year so I guess I have met my quota. After trying on about 20 different pairs of jeans, slacks and casual pants in a few stores, I hit the jackpot.

Ann Taylor carries pants in multiple fits and I tried them all to see which worked best for me and found that I could rely on the Devit fit to — well, fit.

I still cannot believe my luck!

The first pair I tried was The Crop Pant – Devin Fit in black and it fit beautifully. Originally $69.00, I picked them up for $58.68 with a 15% discount I had up my sleeve. I will likely be ordering those same pants in navy and grey.

My mom actually found the second pair on a sale rack I hadn’t seen. The Ankle Pant in Doublecloth – Devin Fit is the winter version of the cropped pant and they fit like a glove as well. I purchased them in the color pictured above that is not available on the website.


The third pair I purchased is a little more formal and is from their suiting collection. These gabardine All-Season Stretch Ankle Pants slacks will take me through all seasons. These slacks were originally $98.00, but the 15% discount brought them down to $83.30, which is still high, but they are such a classic and will go well with my suit jacket of the same material.

It’s a relief that I will not have to try any more pants on in the store. That’s just plain exhausting. Now that I know how well the Devin style fits me, I will be able to purchase pants online as I see them go on sale.


Y’all! My new (technically I’ve been here a year now) job requires a major change in footwear. Benefit from my career change and grab these beauties while you can!

Charles by Charles David, Cole Haan, Chanel, Ann Taylor, Manolo Blahnik, Olivia Rose Tal, Banana Republic, Michael Kors, Tory Burch.

All of these shoes are available through Poshmark!


On Thursday  of last week I received the best kind of email ever. It was from Ann Taylor and it said 50% off and free shipping.


As I mentioned in my Treat Yo Self List this month, I have had my eyes on a few tops from Ann Taylor and now was the time to strike! My shopping cart changed a few times and I ultimately purchased 3 great tops that are sure to be staples in my work wardrobe.

I purchased this Essential Popover top in both winter white and black for only $25.00 each! They were originally $49.99, which isn’t steep, but I still saved a bundle on two tops I was going to buy at some point anyway.


I also purchased this Shirred V-Neck Shell for $34.75 that was originally $69.50.

This was a pretty big sale. The website was having all sorts of issues when I was trying to shop, but I guess that’s what happens when you throw a really great sale!