Last weekend I had the most incredible luck at Target in my home town. The swim displays at the front were completely depleted, but when I walked back to the changing rooms, I found loads of swimwear in my size. I tried a few things on and they fit!

From the store, I purchased two bikini tops and one pair of bottoms.

Striped Bikini Top | Polka Top Bandeau Top | Hipster Bottoms

I also purchased two athletic tops. All of the items were on sale through he Cartwheel app. I have misplaced my receipt, but the total was originally $90 something and the Cartwheel app promotions brought the total down to $77.64. I would have spent that much or more on just 1 bathing suit anywhere else!

There were a few other bathing suits in the store that I didn’t find in my size so I purchased them online a few days later.

Green Top | Green Bottom | Striped Bottom | Blue Top | Blue Bottom

Because I couldn’t find the striped bottom to match the top I purchased in the store, that was my first search on the Target website. I had worn my polka dot bathing suit over the Memorial Day weekend and loved the fit. I saw that it came in a gorgeous blue and green  color so I found them online and bought them too!

The original total for my online order was $90.95, but a 20% off promotion they were running for Memorial Day brought the total down to $77.64. That’s a lot of swimwear for less than $80!

I hadn’t purchased a new swim suit in a long time and my old ones were shot so I needed a few new suits.