My family doesn’t really celebrate birthdays, but this year my sister’s engagement party fell on my birthday weekend and it was actually really great. I love parties and people don’t have birthday parties anymore. That needs to change.

We also don’t really do presents so it was really cool that I had a stack of presents to open. It really felt like Christmas.

I did something different this year. I sent out a link to an Amazon wish list so folks could get ideas for presents. As someone who has to come up with gifts for other people my age, it’s tough! Amazon makes it so easy to create and share products lists and I’m glad I gave it a try. From my wish list, I received the following:

  1. Amazon Basics Sound Bar: I have a really great TV, but the sound is really terrible. This Amazon Basics Sound Bar has changed that. It plugs in and clearly tells you what to do to the settings on your TV and it sounds great. It even connects to devices via bluetooth.
  2. Hunter Boot Inserts: I love my Hunter boots and wear them a lot. I have been layering many pairs of socks to keep my feet warm in them during the winter and these inserts keep me from having to do that. The cold comes straight up through the soles so this will provide a warm barrier between me and the ground. I can’t wait to wear them!
  3. Maglite LED flashlight: I needed a flashlight. I wanted a fancy flashlight. Why not make it red? I really love this flash light. Is that weird?

I continually update my Amazon wish list and if you would like to take a peek, click here.




My birthday was on Saturday and I hand’t been looking forward to it because I knew I would be spending it at work. It turns out that this was one of the best birthdays ever because my colleagues went above and beyond to make me feel special.


Chef James of Blue Ginger Sushi  made me the most incredible cake MADE OF SUSHI! It was beautiful and delicious. I ate the whole thing!


One of the single most busy individuals on the property made me a goodie basket. I am still so thankful for our team and the people I am so lucky to work with.

 Here is the one photo of me from the evening. I enjoyed a delicious Margarita at the end of my work day. That was one late night and an early morning when I got back to work at 7am the next day. All I can say is I survived thanks to the team around me who helped me through and helped me celebrate.


Today is my birthday and I wasn’t going to get myself anything, but what the hell.
I have been in love with Twine & Twig for some time now and have had so much trouble settling on just one piece of jewelry. After stalking their website for months now, I have finally selected a necklace and pulled the trigger. There is no going back now! I purchased this necklace yesterday as a little birthday present to myself and I am so pleased. I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail! You can count on more posts about this latest purchase!