I just realized something. The last two items I purchased through Poshmark were both snake patterned. Maybe the tides are turning from my leopard obsession.

This J.Crew Collection blouse is the favorite top in my closet at the moment. I wear it at least once a week. I don’t know what this top would have originally been, but I bought it for $42.00. I had credit on Poshmark from selling clothes I no longer wear and so I ended up only paying around $28.00 out of pocket.

My sister has put me on to French Sole New York (FSNY) shoes. She wears them to work and can walk through the city comfortably. I do a good bit of walking on uneven surfaces and since being on crutches, my usual heels are no longer an option. In addition to a black pair of FSNY shoes purchased this year, I bought these snake skin flats for $45.00. Again, I had credit from my own Poshmark sales so I only spend about $15.00 out of pocket.

I absolutely love being able to trade in things I never wear for fresh new items!

If you haven’t tried Poshmark, check it out! Check out my “closet” also! There are so many great deals to be had on this site. They have a really great app too.



I forgot to mention one of my recent Poshmark purchases on my last post.


This beautiful silk top by J. Crew was only $19.00!
It is perfect under a black blazer or on its own with a pair of black slacks. I wear it to work all the time.

Seriously. If you haven’t checked Poshmark out yet, you need to.


As a child, I was confused by the concept of a shell. What my mother called a shell looked to me a whole lot like a tank top and I always wondered why my mother had so many “shells” in her closet.

I totally get it now!
They fit perfectly under a jacket and avoid the whole bunched up sleeve scenario. They are also a smart option for summer when it is blazing hot outside, but you need a jacket indoors to counter the blasting AC.

Now I am growing a shell collection of my own!
This week Ann Taylor marked everything on their website down by 40% and I picked up this classic shell in 3 colors. The promotion reduced each top from $39.50 to $23.70 each.


It’s been a month or so since I posted about my Poshmark finds, so let me get you caught up.

J.Crew Cabled Cashmere Sweater $18.00
Jack Rogers Nude Sandals $74.00
J.Crew Tweed Jacket $40.00

Summer is a great time to buy winter clothes because they are all on sale! I am always keeping my eye out for the reduction notices on Poshmark for additional savings.

My go to Jack Rogers sandals finally kicked the bucket last week after having been resoled twice and so it was time for a new pair. I found these never been worn Jacks for only $74! That’s a savings of about $30.00. Not bad!


I found myself in need of a fresh day to day black dress to wear under jackets at work. It’s so difficult to find dresses that hit at the knee these days so I was thrilled to find one for such a reasonable price on Amazon.

This Lark & Roe dress was only $59.50!

It’s washable and I didn’t even have to iron it after washing. Such an easy dress for those mornings when you just need to grab and go.


J.Crew offered 40% off about a week ago and I jumped on that gravy train.
They offer 30% off pretty regularly, but I always get really excited when I see an email come through offering 40%. I did some serious saving!


I have needed a fresh jacket for work for ages now and love the cut of the Regent Blazer. I had nearly purchased this jacket a few times before and am so glad that I held off. This Regent Blazer in White Linen was originally $168.00 and the promotion brought it down to $100.80. There was no way I was going to pass that up!


I liked the looks of this sweater and decided to try it out while it was on sale. This Merino Wool-Linen V-Neck Sweater in Marled Sand was originally $79.50 was reduced to $47.70. That’s not as impressive as the savings on the jacket, but not bad! I actually really like this sweater and am going to keep my eye out for it to go on sale again so I can maybe pick it up in this color as well.

If you haven’t signed up for the J.Crew email list. DO IT! You never know when a great promotion will pop up in your inbox.


I have been busy working through my closet and am parting with a lot of really great items. Check out my Poshmark page to view the latest! All of the items pictured below are still available!

All J.Crew!
Pink Jacket | Off-white Top | Striped Top | Piped Sweater

Tory Burch Flats | Michael Kors Slingbacks | Ferragamo Sandals | Ferragamo Pumps