Here’s another easy kitchen update for you.

Now that I have new burner pans, I want to protect them!

These burner covers are only $6.67 and they make an obvious difference.
They keep my new burner pans clean from splashing when I am cooking and they can be popped in the dishwasher when they become dirty.




I bought a set of new baking sheets on a whim the other week while I was walking through Target trying to decompress. After spending many hours of the day in hospitals caring for family members, Target became my happy place. I put many things in the cart and put many things back, but the baking sheets made it all the way to the check out line and I’m so glad they did!51194814.jpegMy baking pans at home were beginning to rust from years of use and needed to be replaced. I was drawn to these because of the Threshold brand. I have loved their items in Target and it is a brand I have come to trust.

I tried these out for the first time the other night and was very impressed. I cooked a pizza from scratch and it didn’t even stick! The textured bottom keeps food from bonding to the bottom like it does on traditional baking sheets.

If you need a little kitchen refresh, BUY THESE PANS! They are $17.99 for all three and 100% worth it!


Grandma was right. Cutco knives are the best.


I always remember my grandmother having Cutco knives hanging by a magnet high above the counter in her kitchen and I also remember the ridges that appeared in the carrots and other vegetables she so lovingly prepared using her impressive collection of knives. I say impressive because she had many, and I now know how much those babies cost!

My dad had given me a couple of old Cutco knives about 5 years ago and they were in terrible shape. I’m not sure why I held onto them exactly, as both had been badly sharpened by my dad and one was missing its tip entirely, but I’m so glad I did.

For Christmas this year, my grandmother gave me a pair of beautiful white Cutco shears and a knife. I have fallen in love with that knife. It was when I first used the new knife that I remembered that I had two other Cutco knives hiding in a drawer. The little booklet that came with the scissors and knife said that Cutco knives can be sent back any time for free sharpening. I sent them in the mail shortly after and when I told my grandmother what I was doing, she told me that they will probably send me a new knife to replace the one that was missing a tip.

I received my knives back in the mail today after about a week and they did replace my broken knife. I’m ecstatic! I wish that I had taken a before picture, but here is a photo of my repaired knives. The smaller one is style 1721 (the same as my new white knife) and the larger one is style 1729, both in the original color.


I have a beautiful set of Wusthof knives that I have so enjoyed, but these Cutco knives are the new A team in my kitchen.

Something I am definitely going to do from now on is keep my eye out for Cutco knives when I’m in second hand stores like Goodwill (if they sell knives) because now that I know that they can be sent in and sharpened, that would be an awesome way to pick up a few more knives that will stand the test of time.

Also, my longer knife has a manufacture date on it… It’s from 1989! It’s as old as I am! How great is that!