As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been helping my brother pull together his first apartment on a shoestring budget and it has been going really well!

After buying a few basics for his kitchen and doing some basic rearranging, I went shopping! We have TJ Maxx to thank for the Kilim pillows. They were only $16.99 each! The tan Ralph Lauren pillow in the middle was something like $25.00.

Brother really needed a TV stand and additional storage for DVDs, games and knickknacks and I hit the jackpot at Ikea. The shelves are just shy of 6′. They just look small in the photo because my brother is a giant human being.
Bookcases: Finnby $29.99 | TV Stand: Lack $14.99 | Lighting: Maglehult $14.99


I picked up a couple little tables (Lack $7.99) and a neat lamp (Hektar $54.99) at Ikea also.
Brother’s apartment is finally beginning to feel like a home!



Last year, just before Christmas, I moved to Bluffton, SC from Raleigh, NC and left my dream apartment behind. It was PERFECT and brand new. I was the first tenant to ever live in the unit. Post Parkside at Wade had just opened when I was moving to Raleigh and I got a really great deal on the apartment, especially considering it had everything I could ever want! Gated and covered parking, interior access, gym, game room, gathering room, pool, secure access. It was a dream come true!
Here are the photos of my apartment before I moved in:
IMG_3828 IMG_3820IMG_3821