Not only are tassels a huge fad right now, so are bon bon earrings. It’s crazy how quickly these caught on! Like the original tassels, the original bon bons are very expensive.

Once again, thanks to Etsy, we can get the look for less.

These earrings are super cute and well made.
I bought them in yellow because it’s just such a happy splash of color.
This vendor does offer different styles and other colors.



I’m loving the tassel trend and Misa’s hot pink earrings are all the rage right now, but man those things are expensive!

I have found the same look for less!

I found this vendor on Etsy who is selling these tassel earrings for $9.99. With shipping it comes out to $13 and change. They are made in Thailand so it took about a month for them to arrive, but they were well worth the wait! Other colors are available so check it out!


I apologize for posting back to back about tassels, but I just dig them.


Towards the end of November, I went to a pop up shop at a wine bar near my parent’s house and bought a metal tassel necklace from a local designer. Her brand is called Elexa Designs and she has an ETSY Store. She had a photo of my tassel necklace on her Facebook page and it is included above. I have loved it and have worn it so much! Her jewelry is beautiful, unique and well made. They make wonderful gifts so check her out!