How did I not know that Lululemon has a sale rack?

The other weekend I was home visiting my grandmother and had some time to kill. I popped over to Birkdale Village and saw they have a Lululemon store. Somehow I had missed that it had been in that shopping center for 3 years already. I just hadn’t noticed. I went in just to look around and see what was new, and then I saw the sale rack. It was pretty picked over, but I did find a great new pair of shorts.

These super light weight shorts were reduced from $68.00 to $49.00. They are my new favorite shorts and they go great with the black top I bought from Target. These Pace Perfect shorts are still on sale online! Get a pair before they are gone!



C9 by Champion at Target is my new favorite thing.
They are offering the latest in activewear trends and the price can’t be beat!

I have been doing my walking and outdoor work in t-shirts and they become heavy with moisture this time of year. I needed to freshen up my fitness wardrobe and couldn’t believe how many different styles Target offers. I purchased 4 tops and a pair of cropped running pants. That’s 5 items for what only 1 or 2 would have cost at Lululemon.

Performance Long Tank $14.99

Mesh Back Active Tank Top $16.99

Premium Mesh Capri $34.99

These items are great deals on their own, but keep an eye on Target’s Cartwheel app. They often offer promotions for athletic apparel!


I have decided not to get an iWatch after all. Hearing so many mixed reviews has made me very hesitant to spend that much on one item that I will probably be frustrated by.

Instead, I purchased the updated version of my old Fitbit.


I bought this about a week ago and I had trouble getting it to synch right from the get go. I contacted Fitbit’s online support and they sent a replacement that same week. The new one works perfectly and I LOVE it!

I am back on track with my steps with its reminders to move, I don’t miss a call now that it vibrates to alert me, it can also tell you when you get a text. I like that it’s small and doesn’t steal attention from my bracelets. It’s just what I needed!

They are listed as $99.95 on Fitbit’s website, but I bought mine at Best Buy for only $59.96. Sometimes it does pay to visit the store!


Fitbit has been putting out more products in competition with the iWatch. I have been having trouble charging my old Fitbit Flex and I figured that maybe it was giving out on me after these three long years. It turns out that it was the charger that was the problem.


I figured this out when I ordered a new charger on a whim. Tacking on this $4.99 add on item to my latest Amazon order was a no brainer. It couldn’t hurt to spend so little to test a theory. Buying this new charger saved me from purchasing a whole new Fitbit! It works like a charm and it came with 3 spare band fasteners. It’s like they read my mind! Those pesky pieces go missing all the time.

The new Fitbit flex is not so different from the old one so until this little trinket really does give up on me, I’m sticking with old faithful.


This is like Ugg boots all over again.

Back when Ugg boots were becoming popular, I decided I was going to hate them. I couldn’t stand the way they looked and couldn’t bear to see people wearing them. Fast forward a year and I finally put my foot in a pair. I totally got it and am now the proud owner of two pairs of Ugg boots.

Somewhere along the line, I similarly decided that I was going to hate Lululemon. I can offer no real reason for why I decided I wasn’t going to get behind this brand, but I have now done an about face. I am now the proud owner of one pair of Lululemon running pants and one pair of Lululemon running shorts.

What really won me over was the pockets. Lululemon is a master at hiding pockets. If you are on the fence about this brand, go check out their store in person. Their clerks are so helpful and put this first timer at ease.