I just realized something. The last two items I purchased through Poshmark were both snake patterned. Maybe the tides are turning from my leopard obsession.

This J.Crew Collection blouse is the favorite top in my closet at the moment. I wear it at least once a week. I don’t know what this top would have originally been, but I bought it for $42.00. I had credit on Poshmark from selling clothes I no longer wear and so I ended up only paying around $28.00 out of pocket.

My sister has put me on to French Sole New York (FSNY) shoes. She wears them to work and can walk through the city comfortably. I do a good bit of walking on uneven surfaces and since being on crutches, my usual heels are no longer an option. In addition to a black pair of FSNY shoes purchased this year, I bought these snake skin flats for $45.00. Again, I had credit from my own Poshmark sales so I only spend about $15.00 out of pocket.

I absolutely love being able to trade in things I never wear for fresh new items!

If you haven’t tried Poshmark, check it out! Check out my “closet” also! There are so many great deals to be had on this site. They have a really great app too.



I have been selling clothes and spare items on Poshmark and eBay for some time now and have been having pretty good luck. Being able to sell some old things means that I can turn around and buy something new and that’s what I did in this case.

Last time my sister was home from New York, she was wearing these shoes and I thought they were really good looking. Seeing how much their retail price was put me off a bit. They are a great staple, but I wasn’t so in love with them that I would pay full price.

I feel so lucky that I found this used, if you can call them that, pair on eBay. They look to be in perfect condition and I won them for only $31.00! I really do love them at that price!

My sister loves hers and says they feel great and I’m looking forward to wearing these for years to come.