I have always been a fan of TJ Maxx but over the past year or so I have not had much luck there. I visited a TJ Maxx yesterday afternoon on a whim and found a couple of things that I know I am going to enjoy.

First I found this Lauren Ralph Lauren Chartree Sleveless Top in Atmosphere Blue. It is very soft and feels wonderful on. This is going to be a go to work top during the dog days of summer. It almost feels like a Susana Monaco piece. I don’t have a link to this top because I cannot find it online in the United States, which it a little weird, but if you find this in a TJ Maxx or Marshalls, try it on and see how great it feels. I’m not sure what it went for retail, but I picked it up for only $19.99.


On my way to the checkout line I passed by a summer themed table and found this great hammock!
I have been looking at La Siesta hammocks on Amazon for a while now and was stunned to see on in TJ Maxx for only $29.99! They are usually around $60+ each! I’m hoping this hammock works for my space and if it doesn’t, I’ll just return it.

I bought a few other odds and ends like gift bags and tissue paper, but those were my two main purchases. You never know what you will find in places like those and I enjoy the hunt!


I lived in Ireland with my family when I was little and we used Persil laundry detergent. It smelled so good and smelling that scent now brings back so many memories. Persil is now available in the United States and I’m over the moon.


Since seeing this product for the first time in my local grocery store, I haven’t bought any other kind of detergent. It’s the best and it smells heavenly. It is a little pricy, but it’s so worth it!


There has been an IKEA store in Charlotte now for about 10 years and somehow I completely forgot that it existed. Crazy right?

Well this weekend I finally visited the monumental store and it was actually only my 3rd visit ever and I feel like I made up for lost time.

I had been needing a few things for my kitchen and I was able to take care of all of them in one fail swoop.

IKEA 365+ Wine glass: I purchased these to use as my daily drinkwear. I haven’t had proper glasswear in years and have been using cheap cups because it was easier to throw them away in a move than pack up nice glassware. I fell in love with these instantly and was floored by the price. I purchased 8 of these glasses for a total of just less than $12.00!

SKANKA Frying pan: My mom calls this my skanky pan. I asked her to try and pronounce the name and she came back with skanky. I have beautiful skillets at home, but needed one with the non stick coating. This pan was only $10.39!

LEGITIM Chopping board, set of 2: I’m very excited about these. I recently added to my Cutco collection and had some knives repaired. Part of caring for knives is using a cutting board. At only $3.99, these are the lowest priced cutting boards I have seen anywhere. Such a great value.

SKUREN 20-pirce flatware set: This is something I will be ordering more of. I only picked up one set containing 4 of everything when I should have purchased two. I love the sizes and the feel of this flatware in my hands. I love this modern twist on a traditional shape.

IKEA 360+ Hjalte Soup ladel: Somehow I have been living without a ladel for years. I always make soup and use measuring cups to scoop  and serve. Now I’m a grownup with a proper ladel.

VARDAGEN Potato peeler: I subscribe to Blue Apron and routinely need to peel vegetables. I have been frustrated with my current peeler and at only $2.99, this peeler practically jumped into my bag.

I purchased all of these goodies for a grand total of $100.43! With such savings, I will never forget about IKEA again.


I picked out my first pumpkin of the season last week and placed it carefully at my front door. No sooner had I turned my back was it toppled over and being rolled around by the dogs. They LOVED it and probably thought I had brought it home just for them.

These pups are not yet one year old and it hasn’t occurred to me that they had not seen a pumpkin before. They were completely fascinated!



Last weekend Rutherfordton hosted their annual fall festival and I decided to go. Rutherfordton has been holding events pretty regularly down town all year and I happened to be out of town every weekend something was going on. This weekend I was here and I went!

It was an incredibly beautiful day and I was with my colleague’s wife going from tent to tent and listening to the band when we reached a tent full of Native American wares. I clapped eyes on this little fella and it was game over. He was coming home with me. (I ended up taking it to work, but whatever…) I didn’t get a good deal on it, but I got swept up in the moment. It’s the only thing I bought at the festival so it stands as a memento from an unbelievably beautiful day.


Inspiring title, I know.

I haven’t been feeling very inspired lately. I’ve just been going through the motions and though I have been very productive at work, I haven’t really had time to do much more than run a load of laundry.

My problem; not yours.

In the spirit of keeping this thing going… here is a new candle I bought!


This is more significant than it may seem.

I rarely buy candles. I just don’t like most candle scents, but recently I was in Swoozies in Charlotte and came across this candle by Illume. I didn’t buy it in the store because I had another candle at home, but I had an Amazon gift card and decided to go on and get it. It has such an interesting yet clean smell. I just love it!