A New Day Indeed

Target has launched a new store brand called A New Day and I’m digging it.
I put more in my buggy on Saturday than I have on any previous Target run ever. I did make myself narrow my purchases down considerably to just one item.

These Velma Slip On Pointy Toe Mules are only $22.99!
I love it when I can participate in a trend, but not shell out the big bucks so these were an exciting find. They also come in black, but I knew I wouldn’t wear the black ones over the black shoes I already own and enjoy so I went with this dusty pink pair.

I went online when I got home and found the items I loved in the store and a few that my store didn’t carry that are worth checking out. Links below!

  1. Velma Slip On Pointy Toe Mules in Black
  2. Rebe Backless Loafer Mules
  3. Kona Slip On Loafer Mules in White
  4. Miriam Crossband Quilted Mules in Red
  5. Junebug Mules in Silver
  6. Wrap Crew Luxe Pullover in Grey
  7. Long Sleeve Shirtdress in Olive and Blue
  8. Who What Wear 3/4 Sleeve Mixed Lace Pull-Over Top in White


C9 by Champion at Target is my new favorite thing.
They are offering the latest in activewear trends and the price can’t be beat!

I have been doing my walking and outdoor work in t-shirts and they become heavy with moisture this time of year. I needed to freshen up my fitness wardrobe and couldn’t believe how many different styles Target offers. I purchased 4 tops and a pair of cropped running pants. That’s 5 items for what only 1 or 2 would have cost at Lululemon.

Performance Long Tank $14.99

Mesh Back Active Tank Top $16.99

Premium Mesh Capri $34.99

These items are great deals on their own, but keep an eye on Target’s Cartwheel app. They often offer promotions for athletic apparel!


Last weekend I had the most incredible luck at Target in my home town. The swim displays at the front were completely depleted, but when I walked back to the changing rooms, I found loads of swimwear in my size. I tried a few things on and they fit!

From the store, I purchased two bikini tops and one pair of bottoms.

Striped Bikini Top | Polka Top Bandeau Top | Hipster Bottoms

I also purchased two athletic tops. All of the items were on sale through he Cartwheel app. I have misplaced my receipt, but the total was originally $90 something and the Cartwheel app promotions brought the total down to $77.64. I would have spent that much or more on just 1 bathing suit anywhere else!

There were a few other bathing suits in the store that I didn’t find in my size so I purchased them online a few days later.

Green Top | Green Bottom | Striped Bottom | Blue Top | Blue Bottom

Because I couldn’t find the striped bottom to match the top I purchased in the store, that was my first search on the Target website. I had worn my polka dot bathing suit over the Memorial Day weekend and loved the fit. I saw that it came in a gorgeous blue and green  color so I found them online and bought them too!

The original total for my online order was $90.95, but a 20% off promotion they were running for Memorial Day brought the total down to $77.64. That’s a lot of swimwear for less than $80!

I hadn’t purchased a new swim suit in a long time and my old ones were shot so I needed a few new suits.


Back in college I bought a green utility vest from Old Navy, I think, and I loved it to pieces. The only problem is that I bought it too big. It swallowed me whole and at some point I let it go. Fast forward 5-6 years and the vest re-emerges!51470247

Target is selling this Utility Vest in stores and online for $29.99 and it’s great! I bought it on the spot and have been probably wearing it too much ever since. This vest also comes in grey, which I love. This vest cinches at the waist and zips straight up the front. It is a great weight for spring!


I bought a set of new baking sheets on a whim the other week while I was walking through Target trying to decompress. After spending many hours of the day in hospitals caring for family members, Target became my happy place. I put many things in the cart and put many things back, but the baking sheets made it all the way to the check out line and I’m so glad they did!51194814.jpegMy baking pans at home were beginning to rust from years of use and needed to be replaced. I was drawn to these because of the Threshold brand. I have loved their items in Target and it is a brand I have come to trust.

I tried these out for the first time the other night and was very impressed. I cooked a pizza from scratch and it didn’t even stick! The textured bottom keeps food from bonding to the bottom like it does on traditional baking sheets.

If you need a little kitchen refresh, BUY THESE PANS! They are $17.99 for all three and 100% worth it!


True to form, I got a little over excited at Target and came home with 4 new bottles of nail polish. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Top: Go Ginza, Between the Seats
Bottom: Marshmallow, Ballet Slippers

I LOVE Go Ginza, but my favorite is Between the Seats. It’s more grey than it appears in the photo. It’s so clean looking. I just had to have some fresh pale naturals and then threw in the purple one for fun.

Target is such a dangerous place.



I have been in search of lamps for my office now for a while. Over the weekend, I finally settled on two great lamps from Target.


My office is very dark because the ceilings, walls and floors are all stained wood. They are all stained different colors, but it is still dark. These lamps have made a HUGE difference. My mom doesn’t like these lamps and tried to talk me into another set, but I loved that these lamps would hold two light bulbs and I really needed as much light as possible. It turns out I made the right choice.

If I had a before photo, I would share it with you and if my desk weren’t such a wreck this week, I would share an after photo. So since I am not sharing photos at all, you will just have to take my word for it and use your imagination. These are great lamps and they come in a couple different colors. If you have a dark space and need some powerful lamps, these are just the ticket!