AirPods. Get some.

I don’t know about you, but I spend a heck of a lot of time on the phone at work.

In an effort to keep my hands free, I have used both headphones and speakerphone, but there are downsides to both. Too much of what I am on the phone about is confidential and shouldn’t be played over speakerphone and the sound quality is garbage. I like the sound quality of the headphones better, but I get tangled up in it and that is super frustraiting. At one point I took a giant rubber band and attached my desk phone to my head. I really needed my cell phone attached to my head without a cord.

The solution:
Apple AirPods


I thought AirPods were silly at first and I was so sure that I would lose them. That was until I got a pair for my sister for Christmas. I started thinking about them more seriously once I tried them for myself. I can sum them up in one word: DOPE.

A month after Christmas I had a particularly intense day of phone calls and I was having trouble keeping up with what I needed to be doing while on the phone. Pinching my phone between my ear and shoulder was sending my back into spasms and I knew it was time to cave and get a pair of Apple’s AirPods.

Because I live in the middle of nowhere, I had to call a few places before I found somewhere that sold them. I picked up a pair that same day and I am not exaggerating when I say that these things have changed my life.

Now my company’s CFO, COO and Construction Director all have them and we can’t believe we didn’t get them sooner. We all have Apple Watches so we can see who is calling and with the AirPods, we can accept the call on our wrist and the audio goes straight to the earbuds. By wearing them one at a time we can switch throughout the day as we ware down the battery and need to recharge. These are a game changer.

If you are on the fence about this product, take this as your push to get a pair.
They are truly fantastic.



Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.15.13 PM

I bought an Apple Watch and I love love love it.

If you have been following this random shopping blog for any extended period of time, my indecisiveness around the purchase of an Apple Watch has been well documented.

I was at the mall over the weekend with my Grandmother and I just decided to quit looking at them online and in the stores and just buy one already.

I handed over my Fitbit to my mom that evening and away I went with a new toy.

  • Messages: My phone dings all the ding dong day and it’s really annoying. Now I can see them on my wrist without having to hunt for my phone to make it quit sending reminder dings. (I haven’t disabled the reminders because until now it was often the only way to find my phone)
  • Calls: My phone never stops ringing and so now I can talk to people, again, without having to hunt for and then hold my phone. I can talk and type without ever touching my phone.
  • Fitness Tracking: I’m still adjusting, but I like this feature ok. I wish I could adjust all of the goals, but it looks like I can only change the move goal. I’m working on understanding this better.
  • Watch Faces: You can customize the watch faces to feature the shortcut items you use the most. I keep mine on weather, messages, reminders, and fitness tracking. I love having all of those things at my fingertips without having to use my phone.
  • Less Phone Time: If you couldn’t tell by the previous bullet points, I can’t stand my phone. It’s an iPhone 7 so it’s a great phone so it’s not the tech. It’s the noise and the constant neediness of the people on the other end of the calls and texts. Just looking at or thinking about my phone gives me anxiety and makes me kinda angry. I just needed a few degrees of separation from that device even if it means more time using another device. Only time will tell if I end up hating them both equally.

I have heard more than one person complain about the battery life of the Apple Watch and after about a week with it, I’m not having any issues. I use it all day pretty actively and I still have 50+ percent battery when I go to bed in the evening. I just stick it on it’s charger like I do my phone. Easy.

For now, I’m keeping the original band on the watch. The sport band is very comfortable and I don’t even feel it there. I was always so aware of my regular watch as it moved as I moved. The sport band keeps the Apple Watch in place and I like it a lot. I’ll get something jazzier ultimately, but I’m just enjoying the newness for now.


I am in love with my new MacBook. It’s so tiny and it’s just a smidgeon lighter than the MacBook Air. I didn’t have a case small enough for my computer so of course I checked out what was available on Amazon.


This case set is only $12.99 and they come in a bunch of colors.
The mini case is perfect for my power cord and adapters and keeps them separate so my computer doesn’t get scratched. I highly recommend this set case.



I have decided not to get an iWatch after all. Hearing so many mixed reviews has made me very hesitant to spend that much on one item that I will probably be frustrated by.

Instead, I purchased the updated version of my old Fitbit.


I bought this about a week ago and I had trouble getting it to synch right from the get go. I contacted Fitbit’s online support and they sent a replacement that same week. The new one works perfectly and I LOVE it!

I am back on track with my steps with its reminders to move, I don’t miss a call now that it vibrates to alert me, it can also tell you when you get a text. I like that it’s small and doesn’t steal attention from my bracelets. It’s just what I needed!

They are listed as $99.95 on Fitbit’s website, but I bought mine at Best Buy for only $59.96. Sometimes it does pay to visit the store!


I have been continuously frustrated with the short lead of my standard issue Apple device chargers. I want to be able to plug in and move around!


Last week I ordered a few charging cords on Amazon. This pack of 3 was only $11.99 and the cards are all 10 feet long. They arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I am positively thrilled!

I gave one to a friend and still have one to carry in my work tote and one to keep at home. Now I can lounge comfortably in my bed or on my sofa with my device without having to contort to face the direction of a plug. I could actually jump rope with these cables!

If you are fed up with short charging cords for your apple devices, get these now while the promotion lasts!


Fitbit has been putting out more products in competition with the iWatch. I have been having trouble charging my old Fitbit Flex and I figured that maybe it was giving out on me after these three long years. It turns out that it was the charger that was the problem.


I figured this out when I ordered a new charger on a whim. Tacking on this $4.99 add on item to my latest Amazon order was a no brainer. It couldn’t hurt to spend so little to test a theory. Buying this new charger saved me from purchasing a whole new Fitbit! It works like a charm and it came with 3 spare band fasteners. It’s like they read my mind! Those pesky pieces go missing all the time.

The new Fitbit flex is not so different from the old one so until this little trinket really does give up on me, I’m sticking with old faithful.